Who Doesn’t Want Better Skin?


who doesnt want better skin

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I’ve been asked to try out the new Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation (rrp$21.95) and Concealer ($14.95). It’s a new formula that is enriched with ACTYLE C, which is a vitamin derivative that helps the skin look fresh, healthy and radiant, promotes skin regeneration and starts to even discolouration in as little as 3 weeks.

maybelline better skin
Now, I really hope that it works, but what I also really care about is that my makeup stays on all day. I’m the kind of gal who gets up and groomed and never looks back into the mirror (apart from the rear-view one in the car, and then I’m concentrating on the road behind me). I may refresh my lipstick throughout the day, but nothing else. So I was keen to see if this really has the super staying power that I’m looking for in a foundation.

So I’m taking some photos to show you my start and end of the day so we can all see if it lives up to its promises.
Now one of my issues is that I have shiny skin. Not sure if that’s the reason why in my mid-40s I still get a pimple or two, but it sure is shiny, and I find that shine breaks through everything, no matter how much I powder. So I’ve learned to live with it and know that I need to match it and harmonise my other makeup with it so I wear eye shadow and lipstick that has some sheen. Otherwise, if I wear matte makeup all you notice is my shiny face. I like to think of it as my “youthful glow”.
Shiny Skin
Here I took a picture of it so you can see my shiny skin without makeup. Nice, isn’t it!
For this trial I’ve decided not to wear any sort of primer or add any powder after the foundation, I want to see just how well it stays on and how much I shine through!
finding a foundation colour
The foundation comes in a pump pack which delivers a nice size dose, so you don’t end up wasting lots and I found that it blended easily and smoothly as I applied it. To choose the best colour I tried out all the colours to find the most suitable for me, and I recommend you do the same when you try it. Go in to the store and try on all the shades (except for the really dark or light, if you’re not at the extreme ends of the spectrum), then go outside with a mirror, into daylight (store lighting will always make a foundation look a different colour), and find the two colours that seem to blend the best with your skin. I need something that isn’t quite as light as my neck or I look completely washed out, but not too dark or my face looks an odd colour as compared to my neck and chest. Once I’ve found the two best shades, I like to wipe off my ‘go faster stripes’ and then try covering each side of my face with one of the two best, so I can see when it’s on if I look too pink or orange or something that isn’t related to my skin before I make my final choice. I found that “Sand” was the best shade for me.

wearring Maybelline better skin

What you can see is that the Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation does have a mattifying ingredient, which is great for people like me. It really has good coverage and it doesn’t feel at all heavy.
Now, how did it stay on you ask?

maybelline better skin road test

Here I am again at lunchtime – 5 hours after I applied the foundation, a slight sheen, but really looking good, and again at 10 hours after application, a bit more sheen (and the camera flash makes it more obvious), but I can tell you, in person the foundation is still giving me great coverage and my skin still has a very even appearance. Remember I didn’t put any powder over the top as I normally would to set the foundation!

And another 4 hours later as I was removing my makeup before bed it was still looking good. Given that I have the kind of skin that makeup often slides off, I’m impressed with the staying power of this Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation. It certainly does make me look like I have better skin and I hope as I continue to use it that my skin texture improves too.


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Just answer this question: What benefits of the Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation most appeal to you and why?

You can find out more about Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation and what others are thinking about it over at the Beauty Heaven Trial Teams website or visit the Maybelline Facebook Page.

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  • Hi Imogen,

    I am interested in the aspects of skin health, especially discolouration. As a mother of 3 young kids in my mid- 30s such a product would be a time saver on school days and help me in skincare.
    Thank you.


  • Well, I’m with you on wanting a product that stays the distance throughout the day… and if it has goodies in that that mean it’s working on my skin at the same time (without putting something else on …. which I don’t have time for) then that truly is a bonus. Thanks.

  • This is an interesting review to me. I usually shell out $50+ (USD) for foundation and haven’t looked at drugstore foundations for a long, long time. I just picked up the Burt’s Bees lip stains (another review that I read) and am surprised how much I love it. I might just pick up some Maybelline and try it. The problem is finding the right color for my skin…

  • As a middle aged, married mum of two teenagers I am interested in All Of The Above ie. radiance, regeneration, and to reduce discolouration. Sounds suspiciously like the three R’s. 🙂

  • Reading up on this product’s review I am taken by the fact that it hydrates the skin and has SPF14 included. I have extremely dry skin. Some products in the past have left my skin feeling like dry sandpaper at the end of the day. Knowing this product can give an even coverage whilst protecting my skin against the suns rays, together with hydrating it leaves me with confidence.

  • This could be just what I need. I put on make up in the morning, feel good, go out and about with confidence, look in a mirror a few hours later and see a shiny face devoid of colour, makeup having slid off, or evaporated. Other makeups I have tried is matt, but so matt it dries me out, looks unrealistic and I prefer to shine. it is amazing that this product worked for you without primer or powder ! A light texture, SPF and performance like this ticks all the boxes!

  • Better skin in three weeks? YES! Please take me there!
    But Maybelline SuperStay’s SPF14 is the best benefit. I don’t need melanoma’s despair.

  • At 61 I usually find it amusing that I still have the oily skin of a teenager which thankfully doesn’t translate into pimples! It has some upside as I don’t have many wrinkles but my makeup has disappeared by lunch. Must try this foundation, I love the hygienic pump and the vitamin c could get rid of some pigmentation.

  • Knowing there’s a foundation that benefits my skin
    Is most appealing for the situation I’m in
    As I age, my skin’s looking worse for wear
    It really is annoying and leaves me with despair
    But knowing about this foundation I’ll definitely try this out
    It’ll help boost my confidence again, of that I have no doubt!

  • The skin-improving Actyl-C formula of this foundation appeals to me the most.

    Every time I succumb to my Tim Tam cravings, I earn a freckle. And recently both Coles and Woolies had half price specials on Tim Tam…well, the rest is history. I’m so spotty that my toddler plays connect-the-dots on my face. I really hope this foundation does work to fade my spots and even out my skintone!

  • I bought the Better Skin foundation on your recommendation and my experience is that it is horribly drying and somehow exposed all the pores on my nose I don’t normally notice. I’m thinking that given your experience with your shiny face if I shouldn’t have picked up on this characteristic of the product. I will try mixing it with moisturizer – I’m loathe to waste money – and hopefully I’ll get some use of the purchase. I’m normally a major Maybelline fan. I’ve used their mascaras (not Great Lash, though!) for the past 45 years and never found better value.

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