Getting Things Done – Inspiration to Becoming More Productive


I don’t know about you, but so often I’m overwhelmed by the sheer volume of stuff that I have to do. The hundreds of emails I get each day, the paperwork from school and kids activities, bills and life. There is just so much information that passes through my life and I’m always looking for a way to help organise myself to make it easier and to be more productive. Here in this TED talk by David Allen I hope you pick up a few tips to have a less stressful, more productive life!


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  • Wow, this was eerily just wht I needed to hear. I’ve been really scrambled lately ( so much going on), and this really gave me some peace of mind. Thank you, Imogene.

  • This was great. I actually have been doing some of the points he discussed. Going to watch it a second time and put his points into action. Thanks for sharing.

  • But to implement that you need a tool.. Let me quickly sing the praises of Trello, which has improved my own life so much in the past year or so.. reacheable from your desktop or your phone, easily customized for whatever your organization philosophy, shareable.. My personal board is more of the kanban style with a dash of GTD but it’s been great to keep track of different areas of my life. And I even have a sewing board complete with pictures.

  • I wanted to thank you again for your post a while back about your breast reduction. It was the final “nudge” I needed to pursue it and I had the surgery this past Tuesday. Pretty much from the minute I woke up I thought “this was one of the best decisions ever.” So, thank you for sharing your experience with it.

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