Weekend Reading – Which was the worst decade for fashion?

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  • Which decade was he worst for fashion? Maybe the current one for sheer grossness and slovenliness. Summer presents many affronts to the eyes, at least where I live in the U.S.

    Men with sleeveless tees and shorts three sizes too large grazing their knees and giving you a peek of their undies ‘cos they have football bellies that make their tees ride.

    And women wearing things two sizes too small. With sparkles on their jean-clad butts or spandex bottoms that dive straight into their butt cheeks. I don’t want to see your butt cheeks in the grocery store, thank you.

    It’s all “look at meeeeee”. When the weather cools, people are forced to cover up. Maybe I’m a prude, but I’m not a fan of seeing people in their underwear. And yes, spandex tights with tiny short tops that don’t cover your crotch or butt are underwear in my book.

  • I agree with Nutrivore above…I will add to it my rants… Immodesty in any era is so tacky.
    – Low riding pants seen on teen boys that ride down their scant behinds and look ever so much like they are wearing dirty diapers.
    – Ripped”distressed” jeans. It shows such a lack of refinement.
    – Tops that expose bra straps or look like they have been ripped from the wearer.
    – Any clothes that leave nothing to the imagination… I want to maintain a little feminine mystique.

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