Win a LBD – A Great Basic for Your Wardrobe


Win a LBDI’m really lucky to be able to offer you, my lovely readers the chance to win a LBD in a style that suits your shape. This kind of dress is a great basic for your wardrobe, it can be dressed up or down, and you can really change how it looks depending on what you put with it.

Style it with a waterfall cardigan or long jacket for a relaxed day
Style it with a waterfall cardigan or long jacket for a relaxed day
With a jacket to the office
With a jacket to the office

The beauty of a plain dress like this, is that there are so many ways to wear it.

With a jeans style jacket and some funky jewellery to go out to dinner
With a jeans style jacket and some funky jewellery to go out to dinner

Wear it to dinner, wear it to the office, wear it out to lunch on the weekend, wear it to the supermarket.

LBD plus sweater
Wear it to the supermarket with a sweater and scarf

The dress I’m wearing is called Bethany and is a great style for people like me who lack a defined waist! There are a fantastic array of different shapes and styles of LBD to choose from as Amanda, the designer, realised that women are different and we don’t all suit the same shape and style. Win the LBD of Your Choice! Go over to the LBD website and choose the style that suits you best – there is a guide to help you make your decision on the site too – showing shapes that the dresses are better suited to. LBD Body Shape (500x321)   Then, come back here and comment and let me know which style and why you need to win and how you plan to style your new LBD! As an added bonus for my readers, I have a unique promo code until the end of June which you can use at the checkout to get a 20% discount – use promo code  InsideOut20 

If you choose to buy a dress in May, you will also be automatically entered to win the Luxury Prize Package (which includes a couple of Dior Lipsticks. a Zara necklace and a Sportscraft silk scarf).  Don’t worry about buying and then winning, because if you do win, you can choose to be refunded the purchase price of your dress, or select yourself and additional dress – how good is that!

Terms and conditions: Entry closes 5pm AEST 31 May 2014.  Competition is open globally (so you can live anywhere in the world and your prize will be posted!).  Winner will be notified by email.


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  • Another great competition, Imogen, and I love the fact that it’s open globally! I am a column shape (no waist!) so I’ve chosen Mia. I live in Spain and mía means “mine” in Spanish, so it seemed very appropriate.

    I need to win as I hope to go to Paris for my birthday in September and what else can I wear for dinner when I’m in Paris? It has to be a LBD! I would wear it with a striped jacket, ballerinas (as we would be walking to the restaurant), the lovely necklace that my OH bought me for Mother’s Day (bless!) and the red hobo bag that I’ve just ordered on-line.

    Fingers crossed! If I’m lucky enough to win, I’ll post a photo on my blog of me wearing it in Paris.

  • Being a full hourglass I think the Marilyn would look best on me, preferably styled in a classic way. Red lipstick, black and white heels, stunning handbag. Why I would like to win? I used to be a fuller hourglass, before I discovered the 5:2 diet on your blog. Now I’m down 2 sizes!

  • I like the medieval feel of Poppy. I’d wear it with a big belt: either japanese-style or a small corset. I’m an X-shape, so I guess a subtype of pear/hour-glass.

  • I have no waist so it would be the Bethany for me too. Another fabulous competition Imogen. I also have to say you are looking wonderful.

  • Eloise is the dress for me! After the last two challenging years of failed fertility treatments followed by cancer surgery and treatment, I am emerging with new energy and health. I am a professional musician so a LBD is not only my personal go to fashion staple, but also my “uniform” for all gigs. It will be fun to wear my LBD simply for a gig and then throw on a stunning turquoise necklace or colorful shoes and a scarf to take the LBD from professional to social.

  • Now that I am a Winter, a LBD would be great in my wardrobe and compliment my lovely silver hair! As an hourglass figure, I would love to win the Bethany LBD. Thanks Imogen for this competition.

  • Dear Imogen,
    Since you lightened your hair, you look great with lighter colours near your face. That turquoise jacket and white sweater look really fabulous on you with the LBD.

  • I would also choose the Bethany for my H shape and I like the 3/4 sleeves. I donated all my LBD when I went through my “no more black” stage and now I have nothing. I love accessories so I would style it with scarves and colorful necklaces.

  • You look just absolutely wonderful Imogen. You’ve done something but I can’t work out what it is. Imogen is the style for me in size 3; it is a longer length which would hide my knees – a closely guarded secret. And also I discovered on your blog that I’m an hourglass – an 8 shape to be exact. I’ve lost weight recently as I’ve been dieting and I’m starting to update my wardrobe. I have trousers that now slip down which is a really good excuse to go shopping. I’ll donate the too-big trousers.

  • I love the April dress. It’s hard to find 3/4 length sleeves on dresses here in Florida. I’d be excited to style it with a colorful jacket or light cardigan and black strappy sandals for a much needed date night with my husband. So elegant he might not recognize me! LOL

  • Hi Imogen, thank you for your informative style posts! You are looking so happy & radiant recently. I would love to own the Anika LBD style 🙂 I’d style it for an occasion (or maybe just shopping!) and layer some necklaces, stack on some bracelets, and add low shoes & a colourful handbag.

  • The Bethany! As an inverted triangle without a defined waist and large arms, I love the deep V neck, 3/4 sleeves and simple lines on the Bethany. I’d style it SO many ways. On its own with a strand of dramatic long pearls and pumps for a classic look; with a moto jacket and sculptural booties for an edgier look; with a fitted blazer or cropped ponte jacket for work; etc.

    Also: Love the dress with the teal jacket/necklace and the aqua teal jacket/necklace. You look radiant.

  • I love how they give you the appropriate styles for your body shape….I wish more companies would do this….so much easier! I looked at all of the “Column” styles and decided I also prefer the Bethany …particularly the shaping under the bustline… smallest area. Normally, I don’t wear black, but, I love how you have brightened it with a turquoise jacket.

  • Even though I’m a pear shape, I love love love the Lexi!! Given that it has batwing sleeves, I think i could almost get away with it! (Here’s to stepping outside my comfort zone!) I would wear it with a pop of colour necklace (possibly turquoise) and black wedges.

  • I don’t own a LBD. Can you believe it? Is there a better reason to win one? I’m a full hourglass and I love the daisy dress. I’d summer-ize with a multicolor necklace and matching multicolor sandals and a big beach bag.

  • While G above me got there first, it holds true for me too, that I don’t have a proper LBD. Even though black as a colour really suits me (I’m 28, brunette with cool bright colouring) and I find it a sophisticated and dramatic colour, so a bit odd.. I am a slim 8 and I would opt for Eloise. I love the fact that it’s sleeveless, the neckline is perfect for me elongated heart shaped face and not being able to try to it on, only one with a sort of in built belt would be my safe bet (I have a tiny waist!). Besides I love the fact that it’s not overall that formal, I have quite a few pencil skirts and dresses already, would be lovely to have something slightly more flowy, easier to dress down.

    On another topic, despite your lighter colouring, you still regularly wear black Imogen?

    • I’m wearing less and less black these days, but I still have a lot of it in my wardrobe, so I do bring it out, but ensure that I wear something better close to my face

  • As a full-time homemaker, I get in an “I have nothing to wear” panic when it’s time to go somewhere. Whether it’s to the grocery store, volunteering at my kid’s school, attending evening programs, or a rare night out with my husband, I can imagine myself doing lots of different things with an April dress.

  • I am a little confused. I am an H, which I assume is the same as column. I thought I was meant to avoid anything with a waist, however all of the column styles have waists.
    PS I don’t do black – ever, (autumn colouring) but I was really interested in the style that would be flattering for me.

    • To me either the Bethany, Alexis, Audrey, Amanda, Amelia or other styles without waist detail are best for H shape. I shapes can do waist details (some people call I a Column)

  • I really love the Audrey. It is such a classic LBD. It’s also a great cut for my hourglass figure. It’s beautiful on it’s own, but it has so much potential for styling. I’d love to wear it to work with a bright jacket and accessories. I have lots of nice dresses, but I don’t have a classic go-to LBD.

    • I am a petite hourglass. I think I would love to try the Audrey!

      As for why I would like to win… I recently lost 14 lbs with a change in diet and exercise after having my second son (and second c section.). My closet is bare ! Especially after fluctuating with many sizes after having my two boys. My current closet is either full of out of date clothes or clothes that do not fit!

  • I only have two dresses, neither one really fits and I’ve never owned an LBD. I also have an event to atten in New York and need a stylish, dressy outfit to wear. I’d love Georgia – I’d dress it up with jewelry or scarf and heels, but it’s also versatile enough to wear with a cardigan for work.

  • What a wonderful giveaway! I am a firm believer in the benefits of owning a LBD. I am so happy to have learned of The LBD Boutique through your blog.

    I have owned a mock-wrap LBD from Talbots for many, many years. And while I love the style I am always frustrated with the fit through the bust–cleavage would always show so I would have to pin/tape/wear cami with the dress. When looking through the dresses on the website, again!, I was drawn to the wrap styles until I saw the Andrea! I think that would be a super fun LBD to dress up or down. I am seeing ropes of pearls or an Hermes scarf for dressing it up. And I see cardigans or pullovers to make it more casual. I have some great skinny belts in red and orange that could give it a pop of color. The possibilities are limitless! We are taking a big European trip this summer for our 20th Anniversary and I have been thinking about how to pack light–this would be a GREAT piece to have for the occasion.

    In general, I have been following your breast reduction story with great interest–especially since your before size is very close to my “now” size. I am currently on a new eating plan to hopefully lose some pounds (for my cholesterol and holiday!) but I seldom lose weight through my chest. So depressing. Yet I don’t qualify for reduction surgery through our insurance (I’ve checked). If I ever have reduction done, I will be paying out of pocket and in the U.S. it is very pricey. But you have given me hope and inspiration! I have wanted it done for years. And you look marvelous, dahling–simply marvelous!

    Thank you again for this opportunity!

    • I know what you mean about not losing weight in the chest area! Even though I’ve lost 13kg (32 pounds) barely any of it came off my breasts! I lost 1 cup size which really was nowhere near enough. I wish you could have it on your insurance!

  • Alice for me. It’s got sleeves, fantastic. I love all the ways you have styled it, would copy with the pieces I have. I am small and thin with a waist still, so perfect shape and length, I need this dress. Fingers crossed or I will need to buy it!

  • I would love the Miranda as believe it or not I do not own a LBD! As Miranda is sleeveless I could wear it in the summer with sandals and a chic scarf for a little colour and in the winter with one of my many colourful cardigans, a statement necklace and a pair of boots……. the possibilities are endless, I’m getting quite excited! Here’s hoping!

  • Love what you’ve done with the white sweater, pulling out the dress collar and bunging on – elegantly – the big sliver necklace. Style with brains there, Imogen!

  • Great to see your looks, Imogen. I especially love the outfit with the waterfall cardigan.

    I don’t know what would suit me as I have a tummy but am otherwise kind of hourglass! I would go for a v neck and 3/4 sleeves. I am about to head for a holiday in Canada in June, and can see that it would be so versatile as I will have dinners and more casual events as it is work for my husband.

    I was given a diagnosis of melanoma yesterday and will tomorrow have a chunk taken out of my upper arm, hence my preference for a sleeve. The outlook is positive as we hope it is early enough and I should still be able to go away. This was found during my annual skin check on Monday. Can I take this opportunity to remind everyone to remember to have a regular check and not be complacent?

    • I hope your operation goes well! We are a country of high incidence of Melanoma and know the importance. I’ve been wearing sunscreen every day of the year since I was 18 when I learned about it (and that sun gives you wrinkles)! I have that kind of Irish skin that is prone to skin cancer and hope I never have it.

  • I love all these looks you have styled here Imogen, shows how versatile is a LBD. The last one, with the sweater is clever because you convert the dress to a skirt. Hard to pick which dress is the best for me, a pear shape, i like all the a line shapes, like a sleeve for coverage, warmer in winter, keeps the sun off in summer, appropriate for work. Id choose the April style.

  • I love how you’ve styled the Bethany. I would choose that one too. I just recently found your site and have loved everything I’ve read. And made me realize what I should wear on my H shape.

  • Hi Imogen,
    You are looking absolutely glowing,the new hair colour,the surgery and the weight loss,I’m gobsmacked how great you look.
    I would love a LBD,not really my coloring, but to win one would be great fun,outside my comfort zone. Love the Bianca!

  • I came across your site recently looking for inspiration after losing some weight and changing my look to suit. Thank for so much good advice, at 61 I was a little stuck in a rut and you have shown me a new way! As for a LBD my last dress was a long white one with a veil, but I have killer pins and maybe the Bethany would lead me down a whole fresh path. I love your look styled with the waterfall cardigan, and I have some great black boots so my husband may get his wish to see me in a dress.

    Thanks for your great advice, I can relate to your shape and size very well. I have also added some big jewellery lately, still trying that look. And leggings, NOT AS PANTS!

  • I love April which suits very much for my hourglass figure. And I just have this thing for wrap dresses! I can’t believe there’s so much styles available for a simple LBD! Absolutely gorgeous! 🙂

  • I’m so excited that this contest is open internationally! I’ve been following your blog for a few years now and my friends have definitely noticed an upswing in how I’ve started dressing myself (applying your advice of course)!

    I’m pretty much an H shape, and I LOVE the Gabriella dress. I’m currently transitioning out of the classroom and into the hospital/clinic for rotations and need to beef up my professional wardrobe, so the higher neckline and longer skirt are perfect for maintaining appropriateness and professionalism!

  • I’m really drawn to the shape of the Anika or Adele. I would do a brightly colored belt and cardigan so I could wear it to work, and a great necklace and impossible shoes for not-at-work. Thanks!

  • Audrey for me … would love to wear it with statement necklaces and blazers to the office and could see myself wearing it on the weekend and out to dinner with a waterfall cardigan, scarf and knee high boots!! Thanks for the chance to win such a gorgeous “must have” piece for our wardrobes!! =)

  • I am an O shape,hoping very soon to be something else. I’m on a ketogenic diet (high fat, medium protein and low carbs) and the weight is really starting to drop off – and mental clarity is hugely improved. So, in keeping with your uniform post, and whilst I’m reducing, an LBD would be perfect. I could keep wearing my jackets, which will become a bit baggy, but have a nice sleek dress underneath. I would choose the Marilyn style. Thanks for introducing us to such a great website Imogen.

  • I’m a 5’4″ full hourglass shape, and finding the perfect dress is challenging. Because of my coloring (moss green eyes, copper-auburn brunette hair, medium skin with freckles), I usually look for muted/warm colors and avoid the classic LBD. But your pictures here are making me rethink my aversion, as I have some cardigans that would bring my best colors close to my face and tone down the harshness of the black. Specifically, I have a great pair of melon-colored wedge peep toes and a lightweight waterfall cardigan in the same color that I think would “bookend” nicely over the Marilyn LBD (I like the wide open neckline for drawing attention away from my bust). Thanks so much for all of the great tips!

  • I’m a slim hourglass and I like Emma, although Audrey apparently suits also, best. Our tiny charity is trying to raise some major over the next six-to-12 months and a new basic adaptable dress would make events a sartorial no-brained and allow me to relax and focus on getting the job done. Than you for the opportunity to enter!

  • Bethany would suit my wide shoulders and lack of defined waist. I would wear it in autumn and spring (in Canberra) with a simple gold necklace with a pearl drop pendant.

  • I’m choosing Bethany for my column shape. I love the classic style – so versatile! I would love to experiment with different ways to wear “my” LBD! I love how you have added colour with scarves, jewellery and outer layers, and I would love to do the same! I need to win, because every girl needs an LBD, and it is one thing that my wardrobe currently lacks!

  • Love the Bethany for my I-shaped body. I have only recently taken an interest in my wardrobe and slowly building up my basic foundation. A LBD would be a welcomed addition!

    Appreciate the opportunity to win a dress.

  • Would love the Erin dress. I have just done a *huge* cull of my wardrobe after pregnancy and breastfeeding, and realise I’m not the same size and shape I was before (tummy! bigger boobs!). I need to re-stock on basic clothes, and love how this dress could either be casual or dressy depending on the accessories with it!
    Love your blog – have found it very inspiring (especially to get rid of things that are nice but just not *quite* right).

  • I would love the Audrey for my X shape body. I love dresses, but as the main breadwinner for our family of 5 I don’t get to buy too many of them!

  • I would choose the Anastacia as it would look great on my pearshaped figure. It is a very flattering length for me and the neckline is at my ideal height. I would dress it up with bright scarfs and jackets for that classic look.

  • Hi Imogen

    I am an apple shape and would never have dreamed of wearing a dress like this ~ having seen the pictures and determined by shape style I guess I could be wrong. If by chance I win one or even purchase one I would choose to dress it up with colour, beads, hose and boots. This would make me feel special when wearing it for all occasions. Why, because I don’t wear dresses often due to my shape ~ this may change! I just need to confidence to wear it.

  • Hi Imogen,
    I liked the Marilyn. With the two year anniversary of being single rapidly approaching and having avoided shopping for pretty much 12mths despite gaining a bit of weight, it would be fantastic to have a great basic piece to start building from again. Both confidence and the wardrobe that is 🙂 I also love the waterfall jacket on you, but not sure what sort of longer style cardigan would suit my 8 type shape. Having your makeup tips and a uniform for work has pretty much simplified my life, but I know it really is time to start expressing the person I am on the inside better on the outside again.

  • Pia and Poppy are my picks, both of which would be comfortable for interviews. I would style my LBD conservatively with a blazer, pantyhose, heels, and probably a pearl necklace.

  • I have always hidden my heavier full hour glass under baggy clothes. As I lose weight (15kg so far) I am trying to teach myself to accept who I am now, and part of that learning is to dress best to my shape. I still am scared to wear a dress but I really want to accept that I am not too big to do so. I love the ‘Erin’ LBD. I also love how you have worn your jacket over the dress

  • I need a new look with a style makeover and an LBD is the perfect place to start. A Marilyn for my hourglass shape would give me a great kick-start

  • I would love an Audrey, and yes I would have to style it with pearls, dark sunnies, black gloves, black heals and a tiara. Don’t forget the coffee and a Danish!

  • Hi Imogen! I love this idea, of dresses based on shape… whatever our size or shape, we all look great in the right gear, we just need to find it, and that’s not easy in mainstream shops! I would love a LBD because, after a year teaching on a remote community in the NT followed by 3 years teaching in the jungle in Brunei (4 years without a chance to dress up!) I am letting loose and spending 4 weeks in frozen Europe in December and need a flexible outfit that will cover everything from city sightseeing, going to the opera, relaxing in friends’ houses etc etc… I could wear this out with my red heeled boots and jewelery at night, then slip on leggings under it and pair it with flat lace-up boots and funky scarf for walking in the daytime. Easy packing! But what style? That’s a tricky one… I am an oval but also have a very short torso which means most fitted tops don’t fit me, so I like to go for loose around the shoulders/sleevehole otherwise things get very tight across the bust, making me look much bigger than I actually am! I rarely buy tops or dresses as it’s such a tricky shape to fit, but the Daisy? That frill over the shoulders and neck will cover all the tight bits – BINGO!!

  • I am a Strawberry Type. This dress would be very handy for me to take on my holiday to Canada/Alaska. I am travelling there to watch my amazing husband compete for Australia in The World Age Group Triathlon Championships. I would be able to wear it to the team dinner or out to dinner on the cruise. I would be able to dress it up with heels and some bling or wear it more casual with a scarf and low heels. I would be able to layer it for the weather will be a little cool. Thank You

  • I’d love the Lena! Such a gorgeous style that can be dressed up or down – great for a busy mum of three boys like me! I love the floaty batwing sleeves and that I can change the look with different belts.

  • I got a day’s casual teaching yesterday and I tried on 3 outfits before I found one to fit me. I have been slowly losing weight and am whittling away the outfits that don’t fit me but if I whittle anymore I won’t have anything to wear especially for work situations.
    I would love the April, I could wear it with a waterfall cardigan, stockings and flats for a day’s teaching and then switch to a bright jacket, some great boots and ready for a night out (when I get baby sitters in that is)

    • Ok. It’s because my shape sometimes has a waist and sometimes not. Then winter is coming and this would be a handy office style to wear. Cheers.

  • It’s Marilyn for me, I love the neckline and the arm length. Its also suited for my hourglass figure. I’ve just started a new career and I’m attending conferences and committee meetings all over the place, so having a LBD is a must and I don’t have one yet! I’d style it up with pumps and a coloured jacket for evening functions and boots and a denim jacket for travel. Great site BTW (both yours and the LBD one), thanks for sharing, Sonya

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