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I’m loving my new Verily faux wrap dress.  A great style for X, 8, H and V shapes!  The faux wrap gives the illusion of a waist which I love.

The very lovely designer of Verily, Leonie, would love to give you, one of my wonderful readers, the chance to win one of her fabulous dresses (of your choice, valued up to $139 plus $10 postage – international winners prize $120 dress plus postage).

To win,  you need to go to the Verily  website and check out the range, post a comment here about which dress you’d choose and why you like it plus you can also head over to Facebook and Like Verily as well!

Competition is open globally, but be aware, if you’re outside of Australia then the prize is a dress valued up to $120 plus postage).

Winner will be notified by email.

Competition closes on 30 April 2014.

Don’t forget, that if you just want to buy a dress while you’re on the website, I’m donating 10% of the purchase price to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.



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  • Just love the cross my heart houndstooth. Love the adjustable wait thanks to that tie. I have a large bust but small waist so this style just works so well for me. The dress looks adorable

  • I really like the Cross My Heart style in Paisley. I think that style would suit my shape and the print has enough dense pattern for my taste, but is also simple enough that I could wear accessories in many different colours to mix up the look. But Imogen, I’m distracted by the shoes you are wearing above. Where are they from, if I may be so cheeky?

  • Love the cross your heart paisley dress. After discovering your fashion blog I have learnt so much and I think that this style would suit my 8 figure and hopefully be worn for years as it is timeless!!

  • I’m just not sure.. maybe the Tucked Cowl Dress – navy or the Marine Twist Dess. I’m an H shape and I like block bright colours. The Tucked Cowl has the cheeky bit of colour at my face. The Marine twist dress would get alot of wear but I wouldn’t want to give the impression that it was one of my maternity dresses!

  • I”m not sure.. maybe the Tucked Cowl dress with its cheeky flash of colour, or the marine twist dress which would get alot of wear. Both these would suit my H shape and my preference for Block colour…

  • The Marine Twist Dress would be perfect for me – I could use it for both business and pleasure. It would be perfect in the boardroom and also for dinner. Different accessories would allow me to dress it up and dress it down.
    It would be perfect to make sure I didn’t blow my budget

  • I am in complete love with the Pink Flower Wrap Dress (actually the blue one is awesome too). The flower pattern is bold yet feminine. A dress in mid-weight jersey is like having your cake and eating it too – super comfortable and elegant all at once and suitable for both a day in the classroom as well as a day/evening out. I can imagine myself wearing this dress in summer and then pairing it with a long sleeved tee in winter, the colour of which I can change to suit my mood.

    These Verily dresses are just beautiful.

  • I wanted my favourite to be one of the amazing patterned dresses- which are so beautiful- but I can’t go past the charcoal and red. I love the neutral with that pop of colour! Looks amazing. And since I learnt some years ago that grey is one of my best colours, I have never been afraid of it 🙂

  • I love the navy and red dress – would be perfect for work. Could dress it up with a few accessories and wear it with boots.

  • I would pick Cross my Heart, Paisley. Just a gorgeous cut, so feminine and would definitely flatter my 8 shaped body. I love the V neckline too. 3/4 sleeves are great in general, I prefer them to a full sleeve. And the pattern is quite sophisticated. Just beautiful.

  • I love the Blue Moon Dress in a size 14. I love it because the colors suit me as I am a summer and I wear blues and purples a lot. I am also a romantic in style and love dresses. I wear them year round, 90% of the time. I tend to wear empire waists as I find they flatter me, so the cut of this dress is good for me. My hair is medium blond, starting to grey and my eyes are peacock blue and I’m freckled. Thank you for offering to give away one of your lovely dresses. It’s very kind of you. I am in the USA, so not a likely candidate, but I appreciate the offer. You design lovely dresses. I love the wraps and the twists designs, but the colors don’t suit me as well as the Blue Moon Dress. Thanks.


  • Hard to narrow it down to one but my choice would be the Geo Wrap Dress Berry. I think the V neckline would flatter my larger bust and the print would help disguise little lumps and bumps ; ) I also think this is a dress which could be easily dressed up or down. Thank you for the opportunity to win one of these lovely dresses.

  • I’m in love with the Marine Twist Dress in navy. This is a wonderfully flattering shape for my X/H overweight body. I can see myself living in it.
    I also wanted the Birdcage Tunic but they were out of my size. Thank you Verily & Imogene for the draw!

  • I love the Bell Twist Dresses. I have a little tummy and this style would help hide that and be oh-so flattering. I like all of the patterns but I especially like the Ziggy. I like how the twist makes the pattern match the v-neckline but then become horizontal lower down. I like the boldness of the pattern too.

  • I don’t need to enter the drawing…I just wanted to say you look FABULOUS in that dress! No one would ever guess you don’t “have” a waist! Your new hair looks great, too!

    I will pray for you tomorrow…hope you have a successful surgery and speedy recovery!

  • I’d love to win the blue-grey Marine Bell Twist. I like the shape, and the color suits my color season (and my eyes).
    Thanks a lot for both of you for the (international) opportunity.

  • I’d love the Blue Moon fabric made up in the Wrap Dress style. So pretty! I think this would suit my X shape (as you suggested Imogen) and the colours would fit in my Sublime colour palette. Thanks to you both.

  • I love the twist dresses because they would disguise a bit of a tummy, but have a flattering top and back. Maybe the Ziggy pattern would be even more distracting from the bumps. But I also love the idea of the colour of the Pink Flower. I am about to travel and I think this brand is perfect with its easy care, non iron yet light fabrics.

  • Imogen, How do you choose? They are all so lovely!
    But I really like the bell twist dresses as I think they would be good for hiding a tummy. Then which one. It’s a dead heat between the red bell twist and the ziggy! So maybe the red as could wear it/ accessorise it with more things 🙂

  • It is a toss up between the Long Stripe dress and Navy and Red. The shape is soft, flattering and oh so easy to wear. Either work with my collection of scarves, shawls, cardigans and boots!

    But the stripes and longer sleeves win out 🙂

  • This is my first encounter with Verily dresses, and I think I’m in love! Initially the Cross My Heart Houndstooth caught my eye as a classic wardrobe staple, but then I noticed the funky patterns of the Birdcage Dress. This would be fantastic for my trip to the Berlin art scene next January, but unfortunately my size has sold out. :o(
    Ultimate choice? The Cowl Knot Dress in dark navy. It is neutral yet feminine, it’s great for travel thanks to the forgiving jersey fabric, and it can effortlessly span multiple seasons by adding or subtracting layers. There are so many possibilities for styling this dress in interesting ways.

    Thanks to Imogen for hosting and Verily for sponsoring another fun giveaway!

  • I’m torn between the cross your heart paisley dress, because it’s a shape that I know would work so well on me, and because it would be a great dress for work but would transition very nicely to social outings (very rare to find a dress that really works for both), and the Marrakesh dress, because I haven’t seen anything like it anywhere else and I love the colours.

  • Just a question Imogen, why wouldn’t the wrap suit an A shaped lady? I’ve always been told that that style is best for triangle/pears/As.

    My favourite is actually the grey Long Stripe Dress. A great basic that can be given life with various accessories.

    A lovely opportunity, thank you Verily and Imogen!!

  • I love the Cowl Neck Marrakesh Dress. Absolutely perfect colours for Autumn, great neckline and extra twist with the side knot. Also love the length, great for us shorties 🙂

  • Bamboo Maxi, black
    I’m travelling for work – a lot – this year. This looks like a comfortable option for my large x frame. I’ve never tried bamboo but have heard great things, very suitable for the long flights to arrive looking stylish and hopefully not stinky.

  • I would choose the Navy and Red dress, in the shorter length. Why, you ask? Well, I’m thrilled to say that I will be travelling to London in June to help my best friend prepare for her wedding, and that dress would be a perfect basic to pack. I’m also trying to move away from wearing so much “Melbourne” black, and that gorgeous navy/red combo feels like a step away without causing me too much colour panic 😉

  • I’m loving the Blue Flower wrap dress. I can see it would work in more than one season so would be a great buy for me. Great colors for winter with boots and a jacket or cardigan.

  • In love with the Cowl Knot Dress! Beautiful design detail. Ladylike with a touch of edge. This dress could be worn almost anywhere…so versatile.

  • It’s hard to chose because there are so many pretty choices but I think I’d go for the paisley bell twist. I will be attending my nephew’s wedding in July and I think that dress would be lovely for an afternoon event.

    I’ve already tried on 25 dresses without success, they all emphasized by tummy. The twist and flow of that dress would be very flattering.

  • I’m looking for a fabulous, flattering dress for evenings out when we go on our summer holiday – and there were so many gorgeous ones to choose from! The Red Bell Twist is probably my favourite, as I think it will disguise my muffin top and I love the colour, but it was a tough call!

  • I’d love to have an afternoon to play dress up in all the dresses! They are fabulous. The one that is calling to me though is The Cowl Knot in Navy. Classic – Perfect – Timeless Beauty!!

  • I have always loved their twist dresses, so I’d have to choose the Marine Twist Dress. It would be great for work as well as the odd occasion I get to go out somewhere nice.

  • I’d love the Marine Twist dress. It’s simple, a great alternative to black, but the twist gives some interest and would be great for hiding lumps and bumps. The deep V allows for a fabulous statement necklace!

  • I love the blue flower wrap. I think the colors would flatter my complexion and the shape would flatter a “v”.

  • Long time lurker on your great blog! The dresses look lovely – it was a toss up for me between the Blue Flower Twist (the wider bottom part sold me) and the Geo Dress Cotto because of its lovely colours.

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