Weekend Reading 16 November 2013


What I wore this week
What I wore this week

Did you know that women who wear some makeup to work are seen as more trustworthy and competent than those who wear no makeup? It’s true, many studies have been done on this, but here are some of the results of the one done by professors at Harvard University.

We’re often told we should ‘dream big’ but Une Femme talks up the benefits of ‘dreaming small’ here.

Do you think you have style?  Bridgette Raes discusses how everyone has style – you just have to learn how to bring it out!

Over 50 and want some style inspiration?  A great post here from Flattering Over 50 to help you find some new resources.

Recovering Shopaholic shares her tips on why you shouldn’t save your clothes for ‘good’.  Wear them now ya hear!




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  • This is a very interesting subject, Imogen. I totally agree with the concept of women wearing makeup to work are seen as being more competent. Whilst I am now retired, I always felt when I was in the workforce a well groomed woman wearing makeup received more respect and attention. This is whether she is at work ,or, out shopping. It still applies now that I am retired. I also think it equates with a man wearing a suit. I feel, if a man wants to be listened to and taken seriously, he will gain more respect if he is also well groomed.

  • I hate it that wearing make-up brings advantages; I feel the pressure to do it because it seems to be the ‘look’ that is expected at the office. I like to show my true face to the world, and not to have stuff on my face that may smudge if I rush my hands over it. The whole idea of ‘drawing on a face’ on a daily basis is eerie. I do wear a bit of make-up but it’s for special occasions or client meetings, not every single day (except the odd one I’m feeling playful).

  • Hi Imogen,
    Thanks for the reading list – some blogs that were new to me so lots to explore.

    I’ve been following your blog for a while now and have a question. I’m almost 60, 5’8″, about 160 lb and an 8 shape. Finding pants that fit across my backside without showing every bump has been sooo difficult that I’ve been wondering whether leggings and long tunics would work for me. Am I too old, too large for this look? And if I try it, do you have any suggestions specific to the 8 shape?
    Thank you.
    PS. I know this isn’t the right place for this question but I kept getting an ‘incorrect code’ message in the verification box when I tried to use the Contact form. Apologies for any inconvenience.

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