The Ideal Way to Shop Online on Cyber Monday


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Do you shop online or overseas?  The fantastic thing about online shopping is that choice is so much greater than what you may find locally.  But one of the issues has been all those pesky international transaction fees on purchases and currency conversion fees.  Fortunately GE Money have a credit card called 28 Degrees MasterCard which removes these issues.

One of the biggest online shopping days of the year is Cyber Monday, the Monday following the North American holiday of Thanksgiving (this year it’s on December 2, US time) as North American online retailers offer lots of discounts on this day.  Right now’s a great time to start planning your Christmas shopping, and take advantage of those discounts on Cyber Monday.

One of my favourite things about online shopping is that you can avoid all the hassles of finding a car park and you can browse for those lovely gifts for your friends and family from the comfort of your computer, plus have them delivered to your door, or to the door of the recipient of the gift (particularly useful when you have friends and family living in different parts of the world to you).

I’ve started to compile a list of present ideas for my friends and family for Christmas this year.

Here are some of the pieces I’d be choosing


Christmas gifts

The North Face mesh messenger bag
120 AUD –

Kate spade bag
135 AUD –

Bulova water resistant watch
92 AUD –

Love Moschino black leather bracelet
125 AUD –

David Donahue Regular Fit Dress Shirt
145 AUD –

Spineless Classics wall poster
78 AUD –


  • A gorgeous, fun cuff bracelet for my fashionable friend.
  • A watch with big, easy to read numbers and face for my Mum as her eyesight is deteriorating with age.
  • A hot pink wallet (my happy colour, and easy to find in the bottom of your handbag) for me
  • A messenger bag for my man (so I can throw out that rucksack)
  • My Dad loves a collared shirt in a check or stripe, the blue in this one matches his blue eyes.
  • A Spineless Classic print of the classic Jane Austen novel Pride and Prejudice for my book loving friend.  Did you know, that the entire novel is printed in readable font (ok, you need some glasses to read it) on this poster?


So if you want to get organised for Christmas this year, take advantage of the fabulous prices you can get online on Cyber Monday and to avoid international transaction fees on purchases check out the 28 Degrees MasterCard.

Now it’s you’re turn to receive a gift:

What is fabulously exciting is that you can win your choice of one of the gifts I’ve chosen in the picture above (up to the value of $200 including delivery).  Just answer these question in the comments.

Are you an online shopper?

Have any horror stories or been stung by currency conversion fees?

Share your stories in the comments for a chance to win!


Terms and Conditions

Competition open to Australian residents only.  Competition closes at 5pm AESST on Thursday 21st November.

Full terms and conditions here.


This blog post has been paid for by 28 Degrees, with limited input. The opinions and views set out in this post are the writer’s alone and do not represent the opinions and views of 28 Degrees or GE Capital Finance Australia (ABN 42 008 583 588), trading as GE Money, Australian Credit Licence Number 392145. Save for the 28 Degrees MasterCard, GE Money is not associated with and does not recommend any of the products, goods or services described. You should determine if the 28 Degrees MasterCard meets your objectives and requirements before applying.



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  • I prefer to shop online. Occasionally I go into stores to try things on or look in person, but then I hop online and wait for a sale.

    I’ve been stung a couple of times by “delays” in shipments. My record was over 50 emails, sent over several months, when an item went out of stock. It came back into stock, and they tried to charge me more (I think it was something like $17 per item on sale, but they then tried charging me well over $50 per item. I had several items so it really added up!). I refused to cancel my order, and refused to accept the higher charges, so eventually, they agreed to ship the items at the original sale price. I’ve not shopped there since!

    It’s great when you can use Paypal. Just always be aware of the time constraints if delays occur. Once outside that time period, you can’t reclaim funds if the items never arrived. I’ve heard of people paying a “personal shopper” hundreds of dollars, and waiting well over 6 months before following up. Just don’t do it!! Follow up ASAP, and be sure to maintain communication, and you really can’t go wrong.

    I still find it quite sad that many of our own local stores are just not able to remain competitive. I can see the day coming when online shopping will really take over, and opportunities to “window shop” in store will be lessoned. Often, the face to face service is still valuable, and they are the stores I continue to visit, and purchase from.

  • I’ve been shopping online for more than 10 years and only once got caught out by a bogus website. I hadn’t spent much but my credit card company refunded me the money after I produced evidence that the site was unreliable. I do buy a lot from

    • Remember to look for “https” as part of the web address. The “s” is the very important part, because it tells you that the site is a SECURE site. A padlock icon also appears, and tge padlock is locked, not open.

  • I have been shopping online for over 10 years and have only had one issue – a bogus site. I hadn’t spent much and my credit card company refunded the money after I produced evidence that the site was dodgy.

    It’s a shame Australian retailers just cannot compete with the overseas prices, even once shipping is included. Some are also lacking in customer service and poor shipping times (in some cases, I can get something faster from the US that from an Aussie site).

    However, I have recently bought online from local retailers when the size I wanted wasn’t available in store.

    BTW, if I was your fashionable friend, I’d love to get the Moschino cuff as a pressie 🙂

  • Yay!!!!
    I’ve had a 28 Degrees card for about 3 years and have loved using it while we have travelled on both our last overseas trips. It’s PERFECT for overseas travel for the same kinds of reasons you’ve talked about here but in between trips it sits in my wallet unused!
    I’ve bought occasional things online but have always been a bit wary of getting bitten, especially in the American online market. Last year I watched all those sales after Thanksgiving and felt really envious. TO THINK I could have been using that 28 Degrees card! Bummer!!!
    Thanks to this article I’m going to get ready and happily use my 28 degrees card to launch myself into this opportunity for savings and knock off as many as possible of my Christmas presents as I can!
    Sooooo appreciate you sharing
    Regards Chris

  • I love online shopping especially at my fave USA shop Anthropologie – and I recently discovered an unexpected benefit of shopping online, when my husband had to go to the US for work – I did a shop, and went to send it to his hotel to save the $25 shipping fee back to Australia…but the state tax plus the certified shipping to his hotel, in time for him to get it in a week long window ended up being over $30 extra! I feel far less guilty now 🙂

  • Back in the day when exchange rates were not favouable to us, I used to look at all the wonderful things that I could get online from America, I didn’t use to buy anything though unless it was for a soecial present as with the exchange raye and postage, it would cost a fortune. I did open a parcel once that my husband ordered from America. He doesn’t take enough notice of how much things cost and I found that he had ordered a box of lollies that cost us $95! And even worse they expired a week after we got them, not happy Jan!!!

  • It took me a couple of months to become a ferocious, almost addicted online shopper!

    My horror story (just for the fun of sharing – i’m not from AUS) : an ASOS shipment containing 3 cheap t-shirt and 8 trousers that came in… with unexpected duty costs of over $135! The trousers were WAY too big (don’t ever rely on ASOS size guide), and returning them costed another $124.
    My $10 synthetic t-shirts ended up being among the most expensive pieces or my wardrobe… but still, I love them! What a fool…

  • I once bought an enormous bundle of kids clothes on sale in the UK. They were in the end of season clearance so off season for us. The parcel got “lost in the post”. I received a full refund from the online retailer with no questions asked. The parcel eventually arrived about 6 months later, just in time for my girls to wear the clothes. The parcel was bashed in and had been around the world but the clothes were in perfect condition

  • I do a little online shopping, but l try to limit it to things not available in Australia. My first experience put me off for some time. I bought a Celtic brooch for my daughter’s Irish dancing costume,a beautiful piece l had not seen similar in the stores here. She was very excited and hoped that it would arrive by her St Pat’s day performance. Not only was l disappointed, walking the half k. to our mail box each day and finding it not there, l had to see her sad face every afternoon on her return from school. St. Pats came and went the parcel never arrived and we both learnt a valuable lesson in online shopping.

  • As all horror stories start, this occurred on a dark stormy night in Melbourne. I had been religiously browsing online for hours for the perfect dance dress and finally had proceeded to the checkout. After entering my credit card details I pressed the “confirm payment” button. Nothing happened. I clicked it again. Still nothing. Either the website’s slow or just not working I thought. All of a sudden – power surge. Laptop shutdown. It was late so I went to bed. By the time it was morning I had totally forgotten the events of the night.

    Two weeks later a package arrived for me. My memory was jogged – it must have been the purchase of that night! Hooray! Happily I opened it, but to my horror there were two perfect dance dresses and double the cost on the bill in front of me! I had ended up clicking so many times on the purchase button that they processed the order twice.

    I am now always very much more careful when clicking the confirm payment button. Lesson learned!

    If I was chosen, I would choose the gorgeous Kate spade bag 🙂

  • I haven’t done much online shopping, but used PayPal to for eBay and a couple of other sites. Both were within Australia and the goods arrived when they said they would in perfect condition. I like the idea of shopping for Xmas presents online though as it would save the hassle of crowds so may think about trying it a bit more this year.

    • And shoot, ignore my entry please! I’m not in Australia. Silly me. 😛 But I do looove that wallet, and now am going to have to find it here in the US!!

  • Despite the occasional hiccup, I absolutely LOVE online shopping!

    I accepted currency conversion fees as a necessary evil; it’s so good to hear that isn’t the case.

    A few of my orders have turned out to be not quite what I expected and these items are hiding in the top of my closet. I’m now a lot more careful in checking measurements and product photos before hitting the ‘Add to Cart’ button.

    Once, I went on an shopping spree and thought I’d save money by using a parcel forwarding service. Little did I know that Amazon would send each of the items to the parcel forwarder separately in oversized boxes! The parcel forwarder then charged a hefty ‘repacking fee’ to consolidate the order before sending it to me…You live and learn.

    I never wear bright pink but that Kate Spade bag has me asking myself ‘why not?!’ It’s beautiful.

  • Yes, I’ve done a lot of online shopping. Much of it was through auction sites. I was burned twice. One, the seller claimed to have not gotten the international money order I sent, and didn’t send the merchandise. I was out the money because the fee to refund the money order was more than the cost of the item. The other took my checking account info off my check and started cashing bogus checks on my account, $300 at a time. It took months to straighten that out and get my money back.

  • I am totally an online shopper, dont know what currency conversion fees are (live in USA) and totally love your website, thanks for informing us.

  • I’m a vigilant soul and I read the fine print,
    So there have been no surprises leaving me skint.
    Size charts have all worked, pictures have been true…
    I LOVE online shopping! Could never overdo!!!

    David Donahue Regular Fit Dress Shirt for me please – well, my son scores really!…

  • I live in Australia, but I am from Canada. The best thing about sharing a border with the US is online shopping in some really great stores.

    The worst thing is most of the time they don’t ship internationally!

    Most Canadians order their wares to a FedEx depot near the border and drive across and pick it up. It turns “Cyber Monday” into an online- and real life- traffic jam!

  • I shop online all the time. I love the convenience of sifting through thousands of products, narrowing it down easily by fabric, color, and even price. I have not bought muh from oversees, just some organic clothing from Germany. I had a good experience. The only complaint is the extra long wait to receive my merchandise.

  • I am a novice online shopper. Bought clothes from Birdsnest a couple of times and very happy with their service. Especially how easy it was to return an item and it was just because I didn’t think it really suited me.
    Yet to buy anything from overseas but my husband does all the time and no complaints, unfortunately nothing exciting, usually tools and bike parts 😛

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