Enough Said – Movie Ticket Give Away


Enough Said

I’ve been lucky enough to be given 3 double passes to see the movie Enough Said  by 20th Century Fox that I want to share with you!

ENOUGH SAID is an acclaimed, moving and delightful comedy that hilariously explores the complications that come with falling in love the second time around.


  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Seinfeld, Veep)
  • James Gandolfini (The Sopranos, In the Loop) in one of his final on-screen performances
  • Catherine Keener (Being John Malkovich, Friends with Money)
  • Toni Colette

and directed by Nicole Holofcener (Friends with Money).

Watch the trailer here about finding love the second time around.  And did you know:

  • There’s serious awards buzz for the film, especially for the late James Gandolfini’s moving performance in one of his final on-screen roles.
  • Already a drawing rave reviews from the festival circuit, ENOUGH SAID is already a leading contender for the upcoming award season
  • ENOUGH SAID is in Australian cinemas November 14

For your chance to win – leave a comment here and tell me why you deserve a night at the movies.

Entries close Thursday 14th November at 5pm AEST.

Competition CLOSED  – winners have been notified by email!

Competition only open to Australian residents.


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  • While I would love to win the tickets – this movie looks really good – I don’t think I “deserve” a night out any more (or less) than the next person. Don’t we all deserve to have some me time? Don’t we all deserve to treat ourselves with care?

  • If I can manage to get dressed in an outfit that vaguely resembles my personal style, accessorise, apply makeup, organise a babysitter and get out the door without my toddler smudging some unknown substance on my clean ensemble I definitely deserve to win the tickets 😉

  • Erm, I can’t actually remember the last time I went to the movies? I’m racking my brains and literally coming up blank. 🙂 It would be a nice Christmas treat, as it’s going to be a tight one this year, still plenty of time with family though, which is the important thing!

  • I couldn’t tell you the last time I went out with my husband for some ‘us’ time. We have three kids, we’re bloody tired! This would be an awesome opportunity to relax and do something together for once!

  • Just so I can go to the movies with my best friend, love a girls night out dinner and a movie, leave the hubbies home with the kids and we can relax and enjoy the night…enough said.

  • I’d love to take my beautiful girlfriend to see this film, after years of bad choices in men and a failed marriage to the guy she thought was “The One”, she has finally found love the second time around, with a wonderful man. It’s certainly complicated, but they’re happy! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  • Seeing the film will keep us entertained,
    When outside it wants to rain.
    The movies are a treat;
    An experience, you can’t beat!

  • A friend owes a night of babysitting so I would love to treat hubby to dinner and a movie. It’s been way too long since we had “us time”

  • We lead such busy lives that it’s essential to have a breather and re-connect with a friend or loved one, this movie looks fun, with a great cast and I’d love to have the chance to see it.

  • Would love to win, seriously can’t remember the last time I went to the movies but it may have been to see Madagascar 3. A movie after dark that isn’t for the kids would be a real treat

  • Richard Wilkins gave this RomCom 4 “dickies” in film review I heard on the radio this morning.
    I’d love to win tickets to make sure his predictions are spot on!!

  • While I don’t deserve a night out, my pregnant wife does. She does not want to go out anywhere at the moment due to money and the way she’s feeling about herself so hopefully a couple of free movie tickets to this great looking movie might help me get her out the door for a nice relaxing night not in our living room.


  • I would like a night at the movies…… well to…….. have a “REST” from being a “MUM”! it’s a tough gig being a 24/7 parent with no sick days or annual leave, so I guess we just really appreciate a few hours time out to “Recharge”!.

  • Having read all these I KNOW I don’t deserve this as much as others here do but I wanted to support you and I’d love to see James Gandolfini in one of his final performances.

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