Pantone Acai – Colour Trend for 2013


Acai is one of the colours that Pantone have listed as an upcoming colour trend for the next season. It’s a softer cooler purple in it’s purer form, but all these colour predictions really mean, is that you will start to see a variety of this kind of colour available in store.

Pantone Acai


Here you can see versions of Acai that are warmer, cooler, brighter and more subdued. There is a version for everyone.   How do you figure out if a purple is warmer or cooler?

  • Warmer purples have more red in them
  • Cooler purples have more blue in them.

Here is an outfit option for the cooler people

And here is are options for the warmer people

Not sure how to mix colours these new colours in? Take a patterned item and work with the colours in it to create a cohesive outfit.

Oh, and just because they are slated for ‘fall 2013’ in the Northern Hemisphere doesn’t mean that in the Southern Hemisphere we won’t get them til next year, we will be seeing these colours in our Spring/Summer collections too, as the fabric mills will be dying fabrics to these colours and that’s what our manufacturers will be choosing from.


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  • This is very helpful, Imogen. It makes it easier for me to work out the warmer shades of this lovely purple. It’s too nice a colour not to wear!

    • Cool people can wear a lot more shades of purple than warm – as we can wear both the red-violet and blue violet end of the spectrum, though warms should avoid the blue violet end.

      You still need to be aware of the brightness and go for your correct intensity level.

      • Yes. As I was looking through my wardrobe a couple of weeks ago, I still detected a couple of items that were the right shade but not bright enough. I suppose someone that needs bright means that bright helps them shine and they otherwise look dull (ie it’s not necessarily that the colour will take attention away from them?!); on the other hand someone with more muted colouring needs something soft as too bright will wear them and distract from their face.

        PS I can see the images now, Adblock was blocking them! :S

  • Time to do some shopping then, because this is my absolute favourite colour! I already have some clothes in this colour, but could most certainly use some more…

    Also a very helpful post, as always, Imogen. 🙂

  • I love red and purple together, but being over fifty I fear I would like I was an advertisement for the Red Hat Society. Do you think someone over fifty could wear both those colors together and not look ridiculous?

    • It’s all about the styles of clothing you choose and how you put it together. Age has nothing to do with it! Make sure that your red and purple aren’t too vivid, but more smoky. Make sure the styles of clothing aren’t frumpy … age is just a number.

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