Colour Trends of Autumn/Winter 2013


According to Pantone, the colours you can expect to see in the upcoming months in the stores.

Pantone colours 2013
Click on the picture to watch a video about these colours


Cool colours

  • Emerald
  • Acai
  • Samba
  • Vivacious
  • Turbulence

Warm Colours

  • Mykonos Blue
  • Linden Green
  • Koi
  • Deep Lichen Green
  • Carafe

You will find that there are warm and cool versions available of:

  • Emerald
  • Samba
  • Carafe
  • Mykonos Blue
  • Acai

In clothing – colour trends are interpreted in many ways.  There will be brighter, more muted, warmer and cooler versions of many of the colours.

Here for example are a warm and cool version of Emerald with a variety of the other Pantone colours for Fall 2013.

Pantone Colours Autumn/Winter 2013

Which colours are you excited about adding to your wardrobe?

Shop these colours:


Mykonos Blue

Carafe and Deep Lichen Green




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  • I am delighted that emerald green features there. Bright deep cool green is a colour that really suits me, but I have too few items in that shade in my wardrobe… Also, vivacious and acai are great, I would again need the cool and bright versions to suit my colouring. Deep purple is one of my signature colours.

  • Imogen, I love how you’ve presented the variations in colors here. It’s interesting to note the warm and cool versions of each.

    • It’s always great that you can get variations in colours – quite often you need to get up close to really see if it has a warm or cool undertone. It’s nice that we can enjoy lots of different colours!

  • Hi, Imogen. I am thrilled that there will be garments etc in the colours of Linden Green, Deep Lichen Green, Emerald (warm), and Koi (although I would only choose to wear it as an accent!). Another favourite of mine is Samba (again warm)….and my all time FAVOURITE….all shades of Carafe. I would like to try the “Acai” , but, always struggle to tell if it is a warm colour.

  • Hi Imogen,

    How do these colour trends work for the Southern hemisphere? Coming into Spring are we following the Northern hemisphere? Doing our own thing???

  • I have that emerald green Kenneth Jay necklace and it is so beautiful in person. I get so many compliments.

    I’m looking forward to more Emerald, Deep Lichen Green, and Carafe in warm shades. Carafe will make such a great subdued neutral. I love Koi for an accent color. Turbulence looks like another great neutral, but it might be too cool for me.

    • I’m super excited about Carafe and Deep Lichen Green – they are great neutrals for my warm clients who have trouble finding good dark ‘black replacement’ neutrals!

  • Love your presentation of the colors and love almost every cool color variant, especially samba and turbulence. Could be a good season for me!

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