How to Style a Ballet Flat – Win a Pair of FitFlops!


Inspired by Coco Chanel and the striped top I’ve styled my FitFlop Dues with red white and blue

Anyone who reads Inside Out Style regularly will have picked up that I’m a fan of the ballet flat as a shoe option.  As I’ve gotten older and my feet have gotten picker about what I put on them, I’m finding that they’re one of my go-to shoe styles as I can get style and comfort all in one package.

Now many of you have mentioned to me that you find that they are too flat or not comfortable enough for you.  I have found the solution for you, they’re a ballet flat but with support and comfort built in, a sneaker crossed with a ballet flat made by FitFlop!  With their thick and comfortable Biometrix midsole, they cushion your foot as your walk on hard surfaces.

The new FitFlop Due flats are a great addition to my shoe wardrobe.  I picked the Inky Blue which are made of patent leather, which makes them look that little bit more dressed up and allows me to style them up and down.


How to Style Ballet Flats
How to Style Ballet Flats by imogenl featuring FitFlop Due in Inky Blue

Here I’ve styled the FitFlop Dues in 5 ways so you can see how versatile they are.

To find a stockist  please visit and while you’re surfing the net why not LIKE their Facebook Page

WIN a Pair of FitFlp Due Ballet Flats!

You can win a pair of FitFlop Due ballet flats (your choice of colour in black, cherry or blue)  just by leaving a comment telling me about a time when your shoes let you down.

Terms and Conditions

Entry from Australian Residents Only

Competition closes 13 March 2013


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  • These look absolutely gorgeous … can’t wait till I can get a pair 🙂 thankyou so much FitFlops!! and Inside Out !!

  • My shoes let me down when one of my thongs broke when i was shopping. I then had to walk barefeet down the street to the shoe shop and had to buy another pair to wear. Would love to win the cherry colour. Thank you

  • aching feet in the mornings when I rise, increased fatigue when running about during the day in my busy hospital job…yeap my shoes would be failing me now! Dream of wearing my FitFlop sneakers to work..but a pair of Due Ballet Flats instead would look so much more appropriate…gorgeous infact 🙂

  • I was wearing a pair of strappy thongs, carrying my newborn in an ergo carrier and holding my 11 month olds hand walking across a zebra crossing to go to the shops when the strap snapped on my shoe in the middle of the road! I had to leave the shoe on the road because I didn’t have a free hand to pick it up, cars honking I turned around and walked back to the car (which I might add was wayyy at the back of the carpark) with one bare foot! Embarrass & inconvenient to say the least!!

  • My “SHOES” said “I’m pretty demanding”,
    And my “FEET” in pain is panting,
    “BEAUTY” and “COMFORT” I’m wanting,
    SHOPPING, WALKING a distance I’ve been going,
    My CRITERIA for a shoe I’m hunting,
    Finally found a “FLIP FLOP DUE BALLAT FLATS” after endlessly searching,
    Now this me a competition entrant, to win one I’m hoping!

  • I used to live in Italy & wear heels a lot…. Felt like a proper goose every time I got stuck mid-stride with my heel wedged in the gaps of the cobble-stoned paths!!!
    I have since discovered FitFlops! 😉

  • The cherry pair sound lovely. I was let down by a pair of very comfy hush puppies, I took them to Europe on a trip. They were so comfy but after a couple of weeks they started to smell, then the smell got unbearable! They had to be dumped and a new pair purchased in Nice

  • I haven’t worn heels in over 20 years but it’s hard to find a shoe that looks classy, comfortable and flat. I need the support of a shoe these days and now that I have seen these…..I am really interested.

  • I am a sucker for cheap shoes, especially coloured and patterned ballet flats. But! They ALWAYS fall apart, I end up with holes in the sole and wet toes on a rainy day. Will I ever learn? Lol

  • The time my shoes really let me down when I stumbled on our driveway and broke my ankle.
    It has been a long road to recovery but I am nearly their but as a side effect I had to kiss goodbye to all my heels 🙁
    I have been on the hunt for flats that support but are comfy and I think yhe Fitflops my be just the ticket and I would love classic black to go with all my outfits.

  • Was lying in hotel bed for two days not able to walk due to severe leg pain caused by bulging disc. 3rd day friends came to visit and introduced fitflop. Was hesitated to buy because expensive but i tried on and look good on me so i got my first pair and worn it right after i paid and since then i walked normal with no pain. Then i bought another two.pairs. I wear it at home, at work, day and night outdings. I have never never stop wearing fitflop ever since no matter how i dress. I wish to win this pair a total different style for my 4th pair of collection. I call fitflop my magic shoes. I even introduced to my friends and physiotherapist and they bought them online straightaway. They reckon I can be a fitflop ambassador. lol

  • I love ballet flats, but I always add an insole for additional support. That helps, but it’s not ideal when they loosen up, and slip off my heels, which then causes the insoles to slide around making them very uncomfortable! The Fit Flops version sounds perfect! I’ll give them a try!

  • My shoes let me down when we were on camping, ended up wearing my havianas until we could get to the nearest town with shops!

  • My poor feet get a workout everyday, as I am a teacher and a mum. I stand and walk all day from 6:am until 9:00pm at the earliest. I often find myself sprinting across the playground, the field and the hall. Thank fit flops for being the multipurpose fashionable shoe.

  • The time I was wearing my goth platforms and the heel came loose on one. Yeah, no way out of that except leaving BOTH shoes at the repair shop and walking round in black socks. The time a stiletto heeled boot got caught in pavers and twisted – nasty fall. The oh-so comfortable leather flats that turned out to have some weird chemical in their processing – my feet came out in welts then peeled. Any shoe with elastic on the straps – again, skin reacts and I’m stuck with wearing birkenstocks until they’ve healed. I now keep scraps of very soft thin leather for glueing over that damned elastic! Then there’s always those lovely moments when you realise that you’ll have to dispose of your favourite old shoes because they’re now letting the water in….

  • Not so long ago I went away for the weekend, and since I was packing light, I took only a pair of rubber thongs (for the beach) and a pair of strappy wedges for a night out. So I got all glammed up for my night out and put on my lovely wedges and was just heading out when I heard a very audible “SSHHLLUPPP”. As I took another step, I realised that the sound was actually one of my wedges losing its wedge. As the shops were closed, there was no alternative but to wear my rubber thongs – needless to say I no longer looked glamorous!

  • Walking across the tarmac at the Gold Coast airport in 40C temperatures and the metal strap on my sandal broke. I had to jump/skip/hop to the plane as the tarmac was so hot. Managed to buy a pair of Havianas at Sydney airport to get home…no fun. Now I’ve had plantar fascitis for 12 months in both feet and my fitflop thongs are the only thing I can wear. Would love the new Due design.

  • I once tried a cheap pair of shoes for work after 8 hours my feet were killing me no more $10 specials for me

  • When travelling: getting blisters is no fun, especially with no bandaids… do you take them off (dubious cleanliness underfoot) or continue on for even greater blisters?
    Also when younger & out dancing in high heels I’d often end the night barefoot – much more comfortable but not as elegant!
    And then there’s the new shoes that I’ve worn out because I loved them so much but haven’t properly broken in… you think I would have learnt by now… sigh!

  • I love flats but I can never seem to get them in half sizes so if I wear sockettes my feet slip and I end up with continuous blisters on the back of feet hence I always wear pants and carry band aids 🙂 tell me this can change please by giving me a new pair of nice cherry flats please?

  • My shoes let me down most of the time, the only comfortable shoes I now have are from the Fitflop brand, since ballet flats are my all time favourite type of show, I’d love to try these out!

  • Hi Imogen,

    My shoe let-down story took place at the Casino in Brisbane. I had on my very favourite pair of black heels, with a heel that was quite tall. I caught a bus into the City and walked towards the Casino. Walking up the stairs to get it, one of the heels broke off!

    I wasn’t about to let that ruin my night, so I walked up to the entrance with a fabulous limp and walked up to the stairs to the room with a dance floor. I met my friends and danced all night, with one heel on and one off! My friends thought it was quite entertaining that night, and they still remind me of that night every time I see them now, about 4 years on 😉 !

  • Fifteen years ago when I was wearing a high-end flat comfort shoe (we won’t name names), I placed my foot down a bit cockeyed, fell and broke a bone in my foot…all while holding my eight month old daughter.
    However, since I started wearing Fit Flops several years ago I have never had a problem! I wear them almost exclusively. I plan my wardrobe around what Fit Flop shoe I want to wear that day. I have three pair of sandals, two pairs of clogs, and two pairs of the short boots. I have been eyeing the Due flats for as long as they have been out and feel like they will have to be my next purchase. Fit Flops rule!

  • I was walking into the Court as junior lawyer, arms full of files, striding confidently trying to look like I was the business, my heel snapped off my shoe, I went flying, my files went flying…. ended up on the floor in front of 2 robed Queens Counsel….. who looked down at me and kept talking as if nothing had happened. Had to get up, check for injuries and spend the rest of the day in Court with one heel…..not very dignified and not surprisingly ….have not worn heels to work since …. oh yes now I am happy to spend a bit more on footwear….would love a pair of Dues in navy patent please !

  • I had an accident a number of years ago (beyond a decade!) and broke both my ankles, leaving me with arthritic ankles – so I generally wear flat shoes because I don’t have the mobility in my ankles to wear heels. Last year I went to a wedding, and thought I’d splash out and wear a *very* small heel, we’re talking 1″ tall. By halfway through the reception I could no longer walk, let alone dance – how foolish of me!

  • The worst shoe story! I bought a cheapish pair of shoes for my son’s engagement party. I knew within about half an hour of arriving that I had made a huge mistake. They were so uncomfortable that I spent the night in pain and worrying about my sore feet. (I spent a lot more on shoes for the wedding and wore the shoes around the house for a month before the event. It made all the difference). No more cheap shoes!

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