Top Tips on Combining Colours in Your Outfits


Today Jill Chivers of Shop Your Wardrobe and I discuss how to combine colours to create harmonious outfits in this short video.




  • Annette says:

    Thanks ladies for another great video on color. I love the idea of more unexpected color combinations such as “eye and eyebrow” colors and matching my level of personal contrast.

  • Sherilyn says:

    So I am a little confused. Initially you talk about combining colors with the same intensity or value, I understand that, but I also thought you could mimic your own coloring. If you have very dark hair but light skin and eyes, could you not combine light and dark values of color in the same outfit?

  • Yummymummy says:

    Imogen, I am a winter with moderately high level of contrast in my colouring. Can winters wear chocolate brown? I have brown eyes, black hair (red highlights, dyed) but always thought brown is not in my colours?

    • Imogen says:

      Yummy Mummy – absolutely winter can wear chocolate brown – but it’s a deep rose brown, rather than a yellow brown (think dark chocolate). You have brown eyes, there are many people with cool colouring with brown hair (me included) who look fabulous in the right shades of brown.

  • Olga says:

    Imogen, in your video you demonstrate that colors combine well if they have similar properties (dark with dark, warm with warm, etc.) Do bright colors associate with any particular family of hues and the degree of value? I ask because being a Soft Summer and medium contrast I find that many reds from my color swatch still seem quite bright and I’m afraid to create a high contrast combining them with darker hues. Thanks

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