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No matter where you work, we all need to have a variety of skills to enable us to do our job well. We might have a job that requires specific technical skills that we’ve spent years perfecting. But have you considered the ABCs – Appearance, Behaviour and Communication skills that you also need to help you in your work?

Our comprehensive range of soft skills courses can be undertaken as either an individual learning experience or we can facilitate training in your business premises.


Identify and Create your Corporate Brand


Basics of Business Etiquette

Bridging the Generation Gap

Creative Solutions for Problem Solving

Develop your self esteem to create the life you want

Ethical decision making

Leadership Skills for new managers

Make more time in your day with effective time management skills

NLP Tools to improve your life

Relationships for sales success

Reading body language For sales success

Stress management 


Busy managers tools for a motivated team

Coaching techniques for team leaders

Communicating Effectively with NLP

Communicate like a Pro

Critical Thinking Techniques

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Mastering Public Speaking: the first step

Mastering Public Speaking: overcome your fears

Mastering Public Speaking: planning your presentation

Overcoming Objections: For sales success

Touchy Topics: Hygiene in the workplace

e-Learning Soft Skills Pricing

Be your own trainer!
These courses are available for you to study:
•    in your own time
•    in your own place
•    at your own speed
You currently have the opportunity to get your courses as low as $45 per course.

Pricing (all in Australian dollars):
•    1 Course $97
•    3 Courses $197 ($65.66 per course)
•    5 Courses $275 ($55 per course)
•    10 Courses $450 ($45 per course)


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