Best of 2011


Well 2011 is over and what a great year it has been.

I have had over 1.3 million page views and over 470 000 visitors.

You come from 196 different countries

The most popular posts are:

How to pose for photographs

Body shapes explained -and all the real life body shapes particularly the 8 shape and X shape

Body proportions explained

How to figure out your face shape

How to Choose colors

13 ways to tie a scarf plus how to store scarves

And finally how to choose boots for your body

What has your favourite blog post been in 2011?


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  • Happy New Year, Imogen!! I love your blog and my fav posts were the ‘Body Proportions explained’ and ‘What shoes to wear with leggings’. Looking forward for lots of stuff from your blog this year too!!

    P.S. Umm, you do mean 2011, right?

  • The Real Life Body Shapes series of posts was really, really fantastic. So helpful for a visual person like me. Are you still looking for submissions? Where should we email them?

    All the best in the new year, and thanks for all the work you put into this blog. I’m a big fan!

    • Pneu. Thanks for your comment. I actually looking for photos for body proportions at present. If you like to send me a couple they need to be taken from mid body height.

      • Imogen

        How do we send them? I tried the e-mail I used more than a year ago but it doesn’t work. And I can’t seem to attach to the Contact Me form. Nor can I log into the forums.

        Looks like you’re having a lovely holiday!

  • As a woman about to turn 50 & suddenly turning “girly” as I plough through menopause, I have found your blog very useful over the past few months. Body Shapes, capsule wardrobes, columns of colour & the make up tips, all such good guidance. I’ve also appreciated the links to various stores (Verily & Karina especially). Looking forward to your posts over 2012. Cheers!

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