10 Worst Shopping Mistakes


Today I’m sharing my 10 worst shopping mistakes over at Give Me Your List

I’d love to know what your worst shopping mistakes are?






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  • Getting swayed by the ‘buy 1 get 1 free’ sign. Often, I force myself to choose something from that rack, just because it comes free, not at all because I like it.

  • Do you see a difference between being swayed by a sales associate and working with a personal shopper? I’ve heard the argument that a personal shopper has a vested (no pun intended!) interested in having you look good or you won’t return.

    My worst is buying something because I love the color and then never waring it because it doesn’t do the rest of what’s on your list: fit my silhouette, style etc.

    Are you still looking for body shape photos and if so, how do we get them to you?

    Robin G

    • A store paid personal shopper won’t give you unbiased advice as its all about making the sale as compared to a personal shopper who is independent to any retail environment who gains nothing from you buying from a particular store.

      Yes send me photos. Imogen at insideoutstyleblog dot com

  • Where to begin? I’ve only recently learned HOW to shop, nearly everything purchased prior to 2011 was a lucky accident or a horrible mistake.

    1. Feeling sad about not finding anything to purchase, so I’d buy something so I wouldn’t go home empty handed.
    2. Buying clothes in “professional” colors although I’m a Summer. I never realized how much black truly washed me out until I dared to wear gray or navy instead.
    3. Buying clothing for hypothetical events. Purchasing warm, cozy sweaters despite living in a Mediterranean climate. Buying fancy dresses and heels when I rarely need to dress up.
    4. Buying what everyone else wears, but it’s not me. I’ve tried to fit in to the bohemian/casual vibe of the beach but the fit is all wrong and it’s just not me.
    5. Stocking up on ‘safe’ clothes. I’m guilty of having a handful of t-shirts in the closet that I purchased because they were in my colors. They feel like an outfit, pants + tshirt + scarf…which works, but it’s pretty boring.

  • Oh, yes, I have a few

    Buying because it is on sale, but never really loving it
    Wearing officey clothes, even though I feel like I am in a straight jacket in a suit
    Letting someone talk me into something because I feel like I wasted their time

  • Almost everything I’ve ever purchased on e-bay was a mistake!

    i only ever shop there when I’m looking for something specific, but have a limited budget. But it usually ends up looking nothing like I imagined it, or the fabric feeling really terrible, or just not suiting me at all. But of course, most vendors don’t accept returns, so I end up having to sell it on (which I don’t have time for right now) or give it away.

    I’ve now realised that it’s worth saving up until I can afford the item new, and chose one I really like, rather than “settling” for one on e-bay and wasting my money completely!

  • 1. Buying something because it looked fabolous on your friend or a model in the magazine. Maybe it will awful on you.
    2. Buying something on sale because it is sooooooo good bargain. Probably you wouldn’t buy it anyway.
    3. Because you wanted to buy something and you don’t want to go home with empty hands. Surely you will buy something wrong.
    4. Buying a super trendy piece although it is not your color or shape. You will look trendy, but not stylish and not pretty.
    5. Buying because you are depressed and you want to cheer yourself up by this. You will spend money on nothing, sheer wasting of money.
    6. Accepting the saleswoman’s pression, although you see that the dress doesn’t suit you. She is paid for this to sell everything.
    7. Paying too much for your budget, overweighting your credit card. Probably you could buy the same piece in the second hand shop for peanuts.
    8. Buing something wich doesn’t make you feel “YESSSSSSS, I have found the perfect one”! You shoulnd’t have an other quite good cardigan for your 5 other quite good ones.
    9. Shopping when you are tired or hungry. You will be nervous and can not choos properly.
    10. Shopping if you have only a few free minutes. In a few minutes it is a low chance to find something wonderful thing.

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