Dressember Weekly Wrap 17 December 2011


Dressember 11-17 2011

Give the gift of water, food or education this Christmas as you sponsor me for Dressember.  Every dollar counts and just $1 makes a difference.

Outfits from Top Left – then clockwise:

Dress from Dizingof 

Dress by Oscar and Oscar, necklace by Wild Bling

Maxi dress from I can’t remember where (and that’s not the name of a store or label).

Verily Swing dress

Verily split cowl dress

Ann Taylor dress

Leona Edmiston dress – and the red shoes are from Target

Don’t forget why I’m taking part in Dressember – it’s to raise money for Care who do fabulous work for disadvantaged women and their families in poverty stricken areas to get them out of the poverty cycle. $10 will buy a child the school books and the gift of education. $100 will let a woman start her own business, $330 will train a teacher, $20 will buy a blackboard. You can’t give too little to this fabulous organisation to support the work they do. So Sponsor me now here https://www.karmacurrency.com.au/fundraiser/Imogen-Lamports-Fundraising-Page


Show what else is new?

There has been a lot of talk over at You Look Fab on the forums about my videos and posts on proportions – so I’m planning on doing more posts and would love some more Real Life pictures to show the variety of proportions – so email me your photos (I will blank out faces if you want, but do need to include your head).

Speaking of heads – Sal over at Already Pretty did a great post this week about choosing hats.

The gorgeous Jill Chivers of My Year Without Clothes Shopping was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal about compulsive shopping – Christmas can be a very difficult time for compulsive shoppers.

Apparently Tangerine Tango (the name the people at Pantone have given a warm bright orange/red) is the colour of 2012 – it suits warm bright people, but all you cool or soft, smoky people should avoid it or otherwise you’ll look like you’ve been drinking too much. Read what they have to say 




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  • Imogen

    I’ll be glad to send you a photo but what would you like us to be wearing and what view is best–full frontal, side?


    • Take photo front on – with the camera at your mid-body point – otherwise your legs will appear much shorter (camera lenses make whatever is closer appear larger, whatever is further away appear smaller) and love both front and side, wearing either leggings and a tight tank top or tight jeans and a tight tank or t-shirt.

  • Love the second (oscar n oscar ) outfit!

    I think I channel compulsive shopping impulses into sewing and knitting and fair-trade shopping.
    Eg I’ve been craving blue, of which I own none other than jeans — got blue yarn, 8 $. Wanted something new for the holidays get-togethers — sewed a skirt. Also, got a necklace (sparkly and festive, of a kind ive wanted for ages) from ten thousand villages — 24$ but for fair trade its worth it!

    If you want to use the photo I emailed you (one recently, one a while ago when I won the verily dress) go ahead just blank out my face please.

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