Dressember Weekly Wrap 10 December 2011


Dressember 4th - 10th 2011

Don’t forget I’m doing Dressember to raise money for Care Australia – to make other women’s lives better – you can SPONSOR me HERE right NOW every dollar helps!

As you can see this week in Melbourne we’ve had quite the range of weather (Melbourne is known for having 4 Seasons in 1 Day – in fact the band Crowded House wrote a song about it).  We’ve had 18 degrees and rain and then 32 degrees and lots and lots of sun and hot dry winds.

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Weekend Reading

I’m with Angie – whatever you’re wearing – even if you’re just lounging round the house – you want to be wearing something nice, so she discusses loungewear on her blog today.

Christmas is fast approaching and many people like to give their teacher a present to thank them for all their hard work with their kids, so here are some tips from Dawn on what to give your child’s teacher.

I absolutely love this post on Advanced Style about not losing your personal expression in clothing as you age – there is NO reason to head down to frumpysville just because the decades are moving on.

One for the blokes (that’s Australian for men) love this – what to wear to a job interview from the Art of Manliness – share this blog with your guy.

My lovely friend Angela wrote this about improving self-esteem after we spent a girls weekend away and I gave them all some homework.


On my Christmas wish list – the Old Spice guy.

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What I’m wearing clockwise:

Marine navy dress that I picked up at Marshalls

Verily ring wrap dress

Leona Edmiston dress

Grey dress from Mon Amore Paris (boutique)

Karina Gala dress, Verily necklace

Maxi dress  from Big W

Threadz dress


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  • Loving your “dressember” updates… where did you get that grey dress you’re wearing in the last image? Gorgeous. And might I say your hair is always fabulous… my curly (most days frizzy) hair is hard to get looking respectable each day and to see your glossy, straight hair without a bit out of place every day is causing me a large amount of hair envy!
    Love love love your blog… i learn so much.

    • The grey dress is from my favourite store in Melbourne called Mon Amore Paris – it’s a French label – they do mostly French and Italian clothes – and most of it is quite creative in its styling.

  • I like the dress photos, too 🙂

    I also liked the topic of lounge wear. At some point (about two years) ago it hit me that my husband mostly sees me in house clothes, so I started wearing nicer things at home. It’s still yoga pants, loose jeans or cotton pants, etc, but I have a nice sweatshirt I got just for the home, too. And cute slippers!

    • So true Olga – when dating we wear nice clothes, get married, turn into slobsville in front of our partner – but dress nice for all the people in the world we barely know and don’t love. I don’t get it!

  • Liked your last but the second dress a lot! This blog post has a very important information for me as my wife had spoke to me about becoming a personal stylist. I think I must get her enrolled in this course. What can serve as a better Christmas gift. Thanks!

  • Good luck with this, you look great. I am a little short of cash at the moment so I am not in a position to sponsor anyone, however, I have mentioned your site on my twitter (not that my 80 followers will make a huge impact) but hopefully the thought counts!

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