Become a Colour Consultant – September Training


Have you ever thought about becoming a colour and image consultant? Colour really changes our perceptions of the world and the messages we receive.

Did you know 70% of a message is based on colour alone? We remember more easily in colour, for example, the lady in the red glasses, the man in the pink shirt etc.

I’m starting a new personal colour analysis training course 1 September 2011 and it runs each Thursday in September from 9.30am to 5pm in Doncaster East, Melbourne, Australia.

If you’re a personal stylist and want to add colour to your suite of tools why not take this opportunity to discover the impact colour can have on your clients and how you can add this valuable image tool to your business.

You will learn the science of colour and colour theory, as well as how to quickly determine the best colours to suit your clients.    Using the Absolute Colour System with 18 easy to understand colour directions you will quickly and easily master the art of colour consulting with my comprehensive training.

For more information contact me via email or check out my training website


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