What Makes Us Happy? Research gives some clues.


plus size skinny jeans

Did you know that buying experiences (rather than stuff) makes us happier?  According to a Study at the  San Fransisco State University, happy memories last much longer than the thrill of a new piece of stuff.

Another Study from Cornell University also found that having a massage creates more happiness than getting a new flat-screen TV.  Experiences are better for our mental health it seems/

And if you want to have a better body image, avoid images of women with ‘ideal’ (photoshopped) bodies in materialistic (glamorous) settings, another study  from the British Journal of Social Psychology shows that it creates a more negative body image (as if we need to feel worse about our bodies).


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  • you know, i totally believe this. i have shopping carts filled up all over the internet that will never be purchased. it's the thrill of the deciding, the narrowing down, the imagining "how would i wear that?" that gives me that shopper's high/happiness. not necessarily the actual purchase itself. does that make sense? am i weird for being like that?

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