Win a Necklace from Verily


Wearing Resin Mix in Riviera

The lovely Leonie designer of Verily wants to give you the chance to win one of her stylish necklaces.

To be in with your chance to win, go to the Verily website and play stylist and pick an outfit and a necklace to be worn together, leave your choice in the comments section here and you will go into the draw to win.

The competition is open to everyone, and closes on Sunday 13 March 2011.  Winners will be notified on the blog so don’t forget to come back and see if you’ve won on Monday 14 March 2011.


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  • The "Flame Twist Dress" would look stunning with the "Square Holes" necklace in "Raffia".

    My choice would also be the "Square Holes" necklace in "Raffia" 🙂 Just what my wardrobe needs!

  • I'd go with the flame twist dress, too. But, I'd wear it with the Child's Play necklace for day/play, and with the Tiger Necklace in silver for office/evening.

  • My choice would be the Overall Dress in stone which I'd team with the Square Holes necklace in red for a subtle pop of colour 🙂

  • I would pair the silver tee dress with the square holes necklace or the tiger necklace, with a bright colored cardigan or bright shoes.

  • I would choose the Banded Wrap Dress in Petrol, wearing it either unlayered, or with a low cut sleeveless cami in a deep chocolate.

    It would look awesome paired with the Tiger Necklace in Copper, though the Child's Play and Natural Elements both come in a close second as options for this dress.

  • I like the Chartreuse flounce dress and I would put the ivory Square holes necklace with it. My favourite though is the red version of the Square Holes necklace
    blklman at xtra dot co dot nz

  • I love the Natural Elements necklace, and to feature it I would wear straight pants in black, trapeze singlet in white & shawl drape in black. I'd use the necklace as a belt over the two tops (they seem like they're think enough to do this). Using the necklace in this way may require using another tie across the back, but I think it would work.

  • I loved all of the necklaces! But I think I'd like to show them off by having fabric behind them rather than competing with a low-cut or decorative neckline. So I'd choose the Double Crinkle Dress in natural with the antique copper version of the stunning Tiger Necklace. I'd also like to see how the Tiger Necklace with silver beads looks against the Double Crinkle Dress in black, for a lower contrast but textured mono look. That necklace would be a showstopper wherever you wore it – very enviable! Roz Elkington

  • I would wear the Square Holes necklace in Raffia over the Verily Silver Tee dress to work toward the end of the school year. For work, I'd throw a jacket on over the dress. Then, on the way home, I'd toss the jacket on the back seat of my car, swing by the park, and spend some time reading a good book in the Southern California sunshine, dreaming of summer vacation.

  • Mid Sleeve Ring Wrap Dress
    Child's Play Necklace
    Summer scarf – maybe in the dress ring, maybe over necklace.

    – tall & slim anon

  • I'd take the overall dress in stone and wear the natural elements necklace. The colors are enough of a mix while not being overly matchy. Many great pieces!!

  • I would pair the childs play necklace with the crinkle dress or overall dresses to let the necklace take center stage

  • I'm sorry that this is a tiny bit off-topic… but where could I find that WONDERFUL skirt?!?

    {Oh, and Tagua Nut Necklace with Overall Dress with Sleeves!}

  • Even though it's not in stock I LOVE the chartreuse Flounce dress with the Childs Play necklace. If that dress had sleeves it would be in my closet right now!!

  • Kind of hard to pick. there were lots of great choices. I would pick the lime green flounce dress, with the tiger necklace. I would also pair it with the Shawl Drape Cardigan and use the summer scarf as a belt. If it was too warm I would leave off the cardigan but still wear the scarf as a belt.

    Thanks for this contest.

  • Anon – the skirt is from a small boutique in Melbourne called Mon Amore Paris, it's a bit of a one off I think, they have some more creative and unusual clothing.

  • Fun competition! I fell in love with Tagua nut jewellery in Ecuador and bought a couple of pairs of earrings. I adore these gorgeous necklaces too.

    My pick would be the Twist Dress (in red) with the Tagua necklace. Yum!

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