Who Do You Wear Clothes For?


Did they forget to finish sewing up your jacket?

Do you think women wear clothes for themselves?  For their menfolk?  For other women?

We may all sometimes wear clothes to make our significant other happy, but are we doing this every day?  I know that I don’t.  I know how I dress each day is very dependent on what I’m doing and who I’m seeing, when I have clients, I will try and dress to be stylish, but not threatening or too outlandish (so they don’t worry that I’m going to try dress them in some of my more creative styles of clothes, if they are not that way inclined).

Bring Bring, Hello, yes I’ll tell her .  “MC Hammer wants his pants back!”

Other times when I don’t have to consider others I’ll dress purely for me and use my clothes as a creative outlet for expression. These clothes can be ones that I’ve had comments about (more the negative kind of comment as captioned on each photo), but I continue to wear and love these clothes because I love them and they make me feel good.  As an image consultant I feel blessed that people expect me to dress more creatively than they do, so I can let myself have fun with my clothes and accessories.

Did Picasso vomit all over your top?

Why do you choose the styles of clothes that you wear?  What parts of your personality do you express in the clothes that you love?  Do you dress for anyone in particular choosing clothes that aren’t really an expression of you but to make someone else happy?

Who influences your clothing choices?


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  • Imogen, you're looking fabulous!

    As for who I dress for, I guess mostly myself but with consideration for who I'm spending time with – clients, students, family, other half, etc. For clients, I want to be taken seriously (although some may want me more 'creative'); for students I need to be relatively authoritative. I never wear anything that doesn't make me happy or feel like 'me'. Of course, that can mean different things on different days!

  • Funny you should mention this today. After twelve years, I am coming to terms with the fact that dressing for my significant other is a complete waste of time. He is not interested in anything I wear – he has no opinions – he is just not a visual person.

    And that's OK. I can dress for me.

    And for me generally means wearing something that is both put-together and approachable in a mom-of-small-kids way. Nothing too delicate or restricting, as I might need to carry a child or chase down a ball running into the street at any point.

  • We have to admit, we dress for us but also for other, for our Hubby, Boss, clients (when we have meetings we HAVE to look sharp)!

  • I suppose I dress first for me: is it comfortable, do I like it and – when I put in a bit more effort – is it fun? Then I dress for the people I will see or for the context in general – is is appropriate? If I want a second opinion about whether something works, I'm lucky that Bill has a good eye and will express an honest opinion. Must admit there is one woman – a frenemy of sorts – who makes me raise my game a notch when I know I will see her. Pathetic, I know.

  • I dress for students and other faculty that I interact with daily. I try to make it interesting, for myself and for people around me who notice style (few though they are). In my main non-work activity, I dress for comfort, movement and flow in dance classes, and sometimes to impress other dancers. When I'm not at work, I dress for myself, simplicity and comfort being the key points.

  • It is so liberating to wear what you pick out for yourself, instead of the things a man picks out for you to wear…jewelry, clothes, car, house…all should reflect YOUR choice.

  • I believe that most of the time we are dressing to impress other women. When you hear about women calling someone to see what they are wearing, it is to other women. You do not hear men saying "Did you see what she was wearing?!" It is a form of competition-some nice some not so nice.

    I also believe as we become more confident in who and what we are we dress for ourselves and the situation we will be in (work, casual, dressy).

  • Love this variety of looks you've got here.
    When I was in my 20s I dressed in a deliberately offbalance, f-you style.
    Other incarnations have included my corporate climber, my bombshell blitz and la feminista.
    All in one way or another for other people.
    Now as I'm getting older, I'm dressing more and more for myself and relishing it.

  • I dress for a mix, depending on the day. I have to dress appropriately for work but I think I pick things that I love. I want to make sure that I look professional, so in that sense I do dress for others. Mostly my clothes are for me 🙂

    My Growing Obsessions

  • I dress for me, mostly. But that's a little hard to explain. I mean, let's say I have a favorite dress. It makes me happy to wear this dress. But if I'm working from home all day for example, I won't wear it. I don't "dress for myself" if no one except myself is going to see me. But if I'm going to work or meeting a friend for dinner I'll wear the dress even if I know my coworkers/friend won't like it. (This is assuming it is appropriate for the situation, etc. – the fact that the won't like it is because of taste not because it doesn't fit the environment.)

    I "dress for myself" but not when I'm by myself. Does that make sense?

  • I would like to say that I dress for me. I only buy clothes that I love since I met with you especially. I do create my outfits in whatever way is most appropriate for the people I will be interacting with. My clothes are like product packaging and I have a few different target markets. I guess I have different me's that I dress for. No mini skirts to preschool pick up. No jeans to the theatre. No yoga pants anywhere but yoga or the YMCA.

    Although I should confess I do sometimes dress for my daughter when she insists on picking out my clothes usually to match hers.

  • I dress to be me. 🙂

    That usually takes into consideration how I fit in with the others around me. As the hero has grown to trust me more, I can be a little more "out there" without scaring him. 😉

  • I dress for myself, up to a point. The days I'm feeling great, it's heels and interesting combintations. The days I'd rather spend at home doing craft projects, it's jersey dresses and comfortable flats, which is the closest socially aceptable combination to my painting/crafting clothes. When I'm nervous, I tend to dress in the way that will make me feel great, regardless of what others think. I ended up wearing over-the-knee boots, black fishnets (with red stockings underneath)and a short grey dress to Christmas with my cashmere-twinset relatives. Better to stick out because you're dressed differently and look radient, than because you look miserably uncomfortable in the same clothes as everyone else.

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