Weekend Reading: 19 February


Not Supermum has had a lovely blog makeover, she’s also written and interesting post on the differences between bloggers and writers.

Tips on how to praise to achieve results from Michelle, an opinionated woman.

Teer Wayde or Curves to Kill has a fantastic list of places to shop for plus size fashion that are fashionable

Does Tim Ferriss’ the 4 Hour Work Week really exist?  Yes and no, depending on what you consider to be work and how much you love what you do.

How to take criticism, from Gretchen Rubin, I hate it, who doesn’t, doesn’t make me happy, but here are some great tips to make it less difficult.

A fascinating post about the future of fashion from Lisa at Privilege

My friend Sally who works in fashion left this comment on my facebook page about Spring/Summer 2011 fashions and what we can expect to see:

I am in San francisco looking at spring summer 11/12 and I can report a few main looks. Still loads of neutrals and khakis but there is a new spicy pallette showing up with brick reds and browns. That soft green is here too mainly back with khaki. Also lots of nautical navy and white everywhere. The mags are talking brights and lots of colour but it is only starting to show as trims or colour blocking on accessories so far. Shoes are all tan , choc or super bright. I say and know you agree that you can never have a fat day in shows so grab a pair of bright colour wedges!


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  • I have been meaning to read The 4 Hour Work Week, not because I believe such a thing is possible, but to see what underlying concepts are identified…
    As for summer trends, pleeeese can someone come up with something other than navy and white? Why does it reappear every single year?? 🙂

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