Weekend Reading 12 Feb


I’ve had some emails and commenters recently asking about my health after my operation (now great thanks, back to my old self) and how I’ve fared in recent inclement weather (basement room was flooded, but everything else is good).  Thanks all for your care and consideration, thoughts and wishes.

Now that I’m back on track I’ve got lots to catch up on, and with starting an Image Consulting training course for the next 2 weeks on Monday, I need to get organised as time is precious.  There are some great tips on time management from Aileen at Kaizan Vision to help.

With Valentine’s day around the corner, whether you’re single or in a relationship, this can bring up thoughts of love and relationships, here are some thoughts from Make it Happen on finding someone ‘special’ and also you being the ‘special’ person in your loved one’s life.

I’ve spent some time recently in wardrobes, and not being the owner of a walk in wardrobe or large wardrobe space myself, I’ve been looking for alternatives to wooden hangers, something that works well, doesn’t kill the shoulders of garments, and takes up less space.  I’ve found  velvet flocked coathangers, here in Australia at both Target and Big W and I love them.  Clothes don’t slide off them, you can pull the shoulders up so that they don’t get hanger marks and suddenly my wardrobe space has doubled.

Over at Already Pretty this week is a discussion by a bunch of great bloggers about work wear, fascinating perspectives by each writer.


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