Personal Colour Analysis – Finding the Harmony


Yesterday I took some pictures during our colour analysis training so that you can see how the right colours create a harmonious look.  Essentially there is a balance between your colouring and the colours you wear, neither too bright, nor too dull, and they have the right level of warmth or coolness to suit your skin.

find warm or cool

The first step is to find out whether you are warm or cool.  We discovered that Lizzie is warm (interestingly, she had thought she was cool!).

right colours harmonious
Right colours harmonious

Then we tried a variety of different warm colours on her and decided that the Exotic palette looked most flattering on her.  These colours are warm but a little softened, not too bright, but not too dull.

wrong colours
Wrong Colours
What do you see first? The top or her face? Where are your eyes drawn?
I got her to put on a cool colour (one that she loved) to show how when the colour is not flattering, the first thing you see is the colour, rather than Lizzie’s gorgeous face.
Right Neutrals
Right Neutrals


And here is a photo of her in a soft deep khaki which really suits her and helps focus attention on her face first.

For all my Adelaide readers, you will be really pleased to know that Lizzie is from Adelaide and has a business there called Fashion with a Friend, so you will be able to see her there and have your own personal colour analysis!


wrong colours wash out

Here is Maureen, who is also deep and warm, wearing a very cool and light purple top that washes her out.

Right Colours Maureen
Right Colours Maureen

And here she is in the right kind of purple that highlights her face and is harmonious with her Opulent colouring!

And just so you know, these were all taken with no fancy lighting, and exactly the same makeup on in each shot, the only thing that changed is the colours being worn!


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  • hi,
    first of all I want to tell you that I love your blog. such fantastic information in a straight forward way.
    I must say that this whole issue baffles me. I've read tones of information and even purchased a DVD packet with color analysis training and I keep getting more and more confused…
    In my point of view Maurine looks much better in the first picture. her skin looks warm and luminate. in the second picture she looks pale and older. I know we perceive color subjectivly but how is one supposed to learn if I cant see what you are trying to show me?

  • Ravid – that would be the camera flash bleaching her out a little. Honestly Maureen looked heaps better in the deeper purple!

  • Hi Imogen,
    With the photo images in this post, I can see the colour differences you write about, but only because I can guess (from past experience) each subject's actual colouring, particularly their eye and hair colours, which are not showing clearly in the photos. The before and after pictures don't seem to my eye to be holding true to tone with each other, or as a group, where colour is concerned.

    I've noticed similar problems with other online "colour analysis" photos that are described as showing flattering/unflattering colour juxtapositions for faces. It seems that the camera always tends to distort colour. To complicate matters, colour is misrepresented under indoor lighting, especially when a flash is used, as you noted; and in addition, our computer screens contribute a further layer of colour distortion.

    Ravid, as you can see from the above, it’s actually very tricky to learn about choosing colours from photos and film – which is why it's so useful to do workshops like Imogen’s, where you can see the colours with the naked eye. It makes learning so much easier. When you attend a colour analysis session in person, the why and the how of colour will all become crystal clear. An accredited professional such as Imogen can help you discover the principles of colour at your own pace. I had my “colours done” 30 years ago, and l feel that it was perhaps the most important action I have ever made with regard to my personal style. In a single session I went from a state of complete ignorance to one of understanding; and since that time I have continued to build on that knowledge. Up till then, the world of colour had been for me like a strange and beautiful wilderness. Having the session was like being shown by a wise elder how to read the subtle bush signs, the animal tracks and the markings, which I had never noticed before. It was so exciting when I stopped feeling confused, and started to actually assess colours by myself, without someone else having to tell me. This knowledge is something that I will never lose, and no-one can take away from me – a wonderful investment, and worth every penny. I hope you will have the good fortune to attend such a workshop/consultation in the near future!

  • Colour is soooooooo interesting. What I can see in these pictures is that the eyes become more alive. I have been trying to do the wraping on myself. It is sooooo hard.When I get the chance I do it when trying on clothes, differents colours of shirt etc, and the ones that suits me better are not always the ones I expected to. I'd be curious to see pictures of one model wraped with many diferents colours, pictures taken in the daylight at the same hour ( almost) and place. And do online sort of a quiz, to train the eye.

  • Hi Imogen,

    I have been analyzed as soft summer and I think it's accurate (even though I had been analyzed as an autumn before).

    Just interested to know what system you use with the seasons. You mentioned "exotic" autumn colors. Is it a 12 season system? How does it differ from the 12 season system that uses the names "soft", "clear", "deep", "cool" and "warm"?


  • Hi Imogen,
    I was lucky enough to meet your four students during their training. While they were becoming very proficient at the colour analysis, they also exhibited the personal qualities that will make them great image consultants. Each of the women were warm, informative and communicative. I wish every one of them well with their training – and careers! carolyn xox

  • I understand that this is an older post, but NONE of the photos are showing up and they are very pertinent to the information it offers. I have tried viewing it in 3 different browsers (Firefox, Explorer & Chrome) with no success. I thought you might like to know (if you were not aware) about this technical problem.

  • I’ve had that issue with the photos on several of the pages in the past week or two. I’m doing the 31 day style challenge and some of them were links from the challenge page for that day.

    • Thanks for letting me know the pictures weren’t showing up. WHen I moved my blog over from Blogger some of the pictures have disappeared. Just let me know anytime you can’t see them. I’ve uploaded them all again now so you can see.

  • Hi Imogen
    Does these 2 ladies (Lizzie and Maureen) get the same Swatchbook and what is the name of it ?
    “Exotic” or “Rich” and what are the difference between these 2 Swatchbooks ? Is it possible to buy one Swatchbook from you ?

    Best regards from Anette (Denmark)

  • This lady is identical skin tone and hair eyes to me. I begin to think the heat and the reaction to the makeup may have skewed my colour analysis according to this pic. My skin is exactly the same as hers. Yikes. I wonder why I am deep, cool, soft and yet can wear deep, warm, soft??

  • I am interested in possibly have an event with our church to do some colour analysis. I was at one time back, in the beginning of all the colour analysis, involved with one of the companies out of Houston. It was actually my brother in laws company. I worked with them for awhile but stopped and of course time has gone on and on. He sold the company so I am not sure if their are still people out there doing this any more. I am in the Dallas area so wondering if you or if you know someone that still does this in this area?


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