Christmas Wishes and Happy Holidays


To all my delightful and wonderful regular blog readers plus anyone else who just stumbles across here I’ d like to wish you all a wonderful festive season and let you know I’ll be having a week or two holiday unless I’m feeling really inspired.

It’s been a hectic year with lots happening, and it’s now school holidays for the kids and everything in Australia pretty much powers down for 10 days or so, and I think I’ll do the same!

Please feel free to comment here and let me know what you’d like me to cover here in the New Year – I’m always interested in knowing what questions you have and how I can help you!

Lots of love to you and your families!


Pic by Delhome -cos why not let your dress start a party?


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  • Merry Christmas! I'm glad you're taking time off. If, at some point over the break, you want something to do (hah! but…you never know), feel free to come on over to my blog. Daily outfits and mildly amusing commentary. Okay, that might be pushing it. But still. Come on over/follow if you'd like! I'd love your thoughts.
    Either way, enjoy your holiday. 🙂

  • Would love u to talk about undertone & overtone again. I just don't get it. I'm a clear winter and have so much trouble getting foundation. Pink base doesn't suit and neither does yellow base. Just can't work it out.

  • Enjoy your break and a happy new year to you. I have so enjoyed the information you impart on your blog, especially the high hip classification that I've never seen anywhere else. I've always wondered why an a-line skirt made my hips look wide as a barn since supposedlly "everyone" looks good in them. Thanks to you, now I know.

    Next year I would like to see some casual capsule wardrobes particularly for spring/autumn coloring. It seems most everyone uses black for the basics, which is fine but I would like to see a basic wardrobe based on browns, tans, camels, etc. And since I work from home, my specific interest is in casual dressing.

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