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Teer Wayde

Last week I went to the Nuffnang Christmas party and I met a group of great Melbourne bloggers.  One of them who I want to introduce you to is Teer of Curves to Kill.  Teer writes about plus size fashion and has lots of tips on where to buy great plus size fashions from around the world.    Check out her blog if you’re looking for information on plus size fashions.


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  • Thank you honey! It was so lovely to meet you. I made a list of plus links right after we spoke. Also I've blogged about that new rage – oh my its yum!


  • She recommends a lot of polyester garments at outrageous prices. Tattoos and fishnet stockings, as well as loud prints, bright colors, and deep decolletage, don’t say “elegant” to me. It’s fine for whatever she is defining herself as fashion wise, but plus size women are walking a fine line between looking like clowns and being accepted by society. This is especially true as women age. If the blogger you mentioned is a teenager or in her 20s, then nobody would give her a passing thought for her gigantic flower dress or her bright yellow shoes. But put that shit on a 50-year-old plus size woman, and all bets are off.

    I would opt for a more capsule type wardrobe, owning a few understated basics in warm colors (cool colors make plus size women look larger). Flashy and chunky jewelry also is not elegant. I sew my own clothes and make garments for my plus size friends (who are in their 40s) and none of them would be caught dead in the “fashions” presented here. But they wear quality understated garments now – wool, silk, linen, and cottons. And they look fabulous in their clothes.

    The biggest favor plus size women can do for themselves is either learn to make their own garments or have a few quality garments made for them. It’ll turn them right off of paying outrageous prices (or worse – cheap prices for cheap fast fashion) for poorly made and ill-fitting (primarily polyester) garments. If you want quality fit, quality fabrics, and an understated elegant look, have your clothes custom made and own just a few, or learn to make them. Plus size women are not going to learn how to be chic and elegant at this blog, or from your blogging guests.

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