Weekend Reading – Happy it’s the Weekend!


Rings by Inspired Wish

Do you wear your workout clothes or ‘house clothes’ all day because you don’t want to get your good clothes dirty?  Jesslyn from Image Interpreters has an answer.

End fat talk – end it now – Duchesse from Passage des Perles is leading the way.

I often hear that it’s hard to know what to wear on Casual Fridays at work, here Une Femme has a grasped the concept well and shows you her interpretation.

Some interesting information about why tall men run so many companies (though the link to tall=stupid should be taken with a grain of salt, as we would all agree that beautiful=stupid is also not relevant).

How romantically secure are you?  Study from the New Scientist says average height women are the most secure.

Many women feel they have a ‘big tummy’ and want to hide it – here are Aileen from Nutri-Style’s tips.

Happiness Project update:

And finally, what makes me happy?  That the work I do with my clients can make such a difference to their lives – read Jeanie’s Story (and then order some of her gorgeous jewellery) .   Getting this kind of feedback makes my day, especially as I’ve had  a technological nightmare this week, my mobile phone went for a swim, and then my main computer got attacked by a serious virus that shut it down (fortunately I have a fantastic backup system, all I’m missing at the moment are my most recently sent emails).

What has made you happy this week?


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  • Gosh, that does sound like quite a week. Sorry to hear about the cell phone and computer troubles! I hope that you get all sorted soon.

    What made me happy this week was laughing and spending good time with my boyfriend, parents, and sister. Being with people I love, and who totally get my sense of humor, is an automatic mood-lifter.

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