The Backup Plan


On Thursday last week my computer died, in a serious way.  A nasty virus (no known origin) had somehow infiltrated my system (and I have two sets of virus protection systems on my computer too!). 

Luckily, after I had a computer hard drive melt down 18 months ago, we installed an automatic backup system it’s a Western Digital My Book external hard drive and it has proved to be a saviour.   All my files and emails have been automatically backed up and so I can access all my files, nothing has been lost!

18 months ago with the meltdown I had no files for over week as we went through a recovery system and I got most of my files back luckily, but some were corrupted.

If you care about the stuff on your computer, your photos, documents , books you’re writing and all that stuff that would be really hard to replace, I urge you to get some sort of automatic back system, one which you don’t have to spend anytime thinking about, it takes the ‘human error’ element out of the system and one day, you may just thank me!


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  • Thank you for this post. I don't backup enough. I will do it again today. Thanks! And I am sooooooo glad you had everything backed up. Whew!! What a relief!
    And happy Bday, gorgeous!

  • Great reminder. About once a week for the last several months I think, "Oh. I need to get a backup system." And then I forget. Then remember. Then forget. It is now a to-do on my calendar for during naptime tomorrow. 🙂
    Glad you have a system. Another blog I enjoyed following didn't, and when her computer crashed she decided to shut down her blog rather than redo everything. I'd be devastated if the same happened to our dear Imogen!

  • Yep, there's an old saying:

    "There are two kinds of hard drives, those that have failed, and those that will fail."

    Glad to hear it's all backed up.

  • Thanks for teh information.I never forget to backup and my automatice backup system is called Safecopy backup.With Safecopy backup i can sleep like an angle knowing that all my files are Safe.Safecopy is so compatible with both my mac and windows computer.

  • Yeah – I have a backup and love it. I also have an automatic off-site backup in case of weather (so far hail and tornadoes, but never know!) So sorry to hear this….glad you've recovered what you need!

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