More Tips from Image Consultants


I have a few more tips from some of the image consultants I met in Manila at the AICI Conference to share with you.

Melissa Chor

From Melissa Chor (Singapore):  For Asian hair when you want a sleek sharp look with a bob hairstyle, when travelling and you normally use wax at the end, instead try a little of your moisturiser at the tips (not the roots) before you blow wave.

Li Kin Pang

From Li Kin Pang (Singapore):  Use double sided tape to hold up or change the look of your clothes – such as taping up a sleeve, or keeping a collar in place.

Vandita Singh

From Vandita Singh (Singapore): For Indian (or coarse hair) use equal portions of almond oil, coconut oil and castor oil and rub through hair to keep it thick and full.

When swimming to keep hair colour looking good, put on some conditioner and then a swimming cap before getting in the pool to protect your hair from the chlorine.


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  • My hair colorist comments that the conditioner-before-swimming actually doesn't work that well, plus will leave you with a slimy mess. Conditioners are, after all, designed to be rinsed out by water, so that's what they're going to do once you get in the pool.

    He suggests wetting the hair with plain tap water before swimming — the chlorinated water will not easily displace the tap water. A cap will also help.

  • Not looking forward to swimming though a slick of someone's conditioner but certainly there are worse things floating in pools 🙂

  • I had LOOOONG hair when I was a kid (eventually cut off and sold almost 3 feet of it when I turned 13. That was before Locks of Love was around.) and a stylist recommended the water/ conditioner/swim cap process to me as well and it worked great for keeping my hair from turning green. It wasn't really slimy when I got out. My ends would get like dry straw with all the swimming until I started doing this.

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