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Last night the AICI SE Asia conference finished, we had a fabulous gala dinner and fashion parade, which I will share with you when I’m back in Australia and have my regular computer back (I’m working on a netbook so don’t have the photo/video editing programs installed).  

It’s been hard too find a minute to write a blog post, but yesterday at lunch I asked 3 image consulants for one tip to share with you here.

Aileen Lane and me

Aileen Lane from Singapore, who I met back in 2006 when she came to Melbourne to do her First Level Certification exam when we had our inugural Australian chapter conference had this to share:
Get a great hairstyle, one that works with your hair type that looks great, that you can easily do is really important.  If your hair doesn’t look great, then you will never look or feel as good as you can.
Lynne Marks
Lynne Marks, who is the current AICI International President recommends that you always use shoe inserts, either the gel inserts to cushion your feet when wearing heels, or Bata leather inserts that soak up sweat and add a layer of comfort to your shoes.
And from local Manila based Image Consultant Delby Bragais comes the advice to always add a third piece, so if you’re wearing pants and a top, add a jacket or other outer garment.   This third piece can be a hero piece, or just a piece that makes you feel more comfortable as it covers areas of your body that my bother you, your upper arms, your stomach etc. 
What is the one piece of style advice you always adhere to?


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  • How interesting! Three great pieces of advice! The shoe inserts one is a fantastic idea! Well, again, I agree with the previous comment – cheap shoes just don't cut it. And sorry to be age-ist, but low cleavages on the anyone over a certain age aren't real pretty!

  • Get it together, check the mirror, and forget about it. If you're thinking about how you look and what others are seeing, you can't focus on the wonderful people and places around you. If people feel good when you're present, that will be your image.

  • Ooh, fun!

    Don't wear clothes/shoes that hurt. Either you'll wear them and look uncomfortable, or they'll never leave the closet. Use your wardrobe to celebrate your body, not punish it.

  • Hi Imogen,
    Love the photo & thankfully my hair looks good in it:)
    It was fab catching up with you and thank you for all the great advise. I have my b-string on as we speak. Will stay in touch Aileen x

  • One Bag to Rule Them All…that is, at least one really classic leather bag in either black, dark brown, navy or tan, whose minimalist styling will go with lots of your outfits, and that is made well enough to take any amount of heavy usage. On a cost-per-wear basis, a bag like this always recoups its purchase price many times over.

  • All great tips! I live by the good haircut rule! And though I often forget a third piece, when I add one, I always think, this looks so much better! Why don't I do it more often?!

    I'd have to ditto the "investing in good shoes" rule. It's my life mantra. All the other pieces could be simple or basic but the good shoes will take the whole outfit up a notch… or ten!

    And never settle for buttons that gap at the breasts.

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