Weekend Reading: Trends, Stress and Personal Style


When is a good time to sort out your wardrobe?  Well, right now if it hasn’t been done in years, but why not think about a plan and how to sort it out.  Sal from Already Pretty shares her thoughts on how she cycles her wardrobe for the seasons.

And have you thought about your style and if it’s really authentic to who you are today?  Une Femme has some great insight.

Duchesse shares her thoughts on trends, when they work and whey they don’t.

Feeling stressed?  Struggling to Be Stylish shares some great tips to help you de-stress

LPC shares some great ideas on how to do budget black tie

A really important message from Not Supermum.

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  • Thank you for the very kind mention!
    My wardrobe cycling is definitely not as structured as Sal's, but I certainly do some reorganizing and archiving each season.
    As for the black tie invitation arriving, that's something I dread. Neither myself nor Beloved Husband has anything remotely suitable – an event like that would cause a major tailspin in our household!

  • Thanks for the very kind mention Imogen, I've had a lot of visitors via your blog. I hope everyone who reads my post makes the time this weekend to do a check. x

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