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I’ve been asked to do an ‘expert chat’ on the Sewing Pattern Review forums, it’s your chance to ask me questions, it’s on my time (Melbourne Australia) this Monday 26 July at 10am and for US readers ( July 25th, 8 PM Eastern Time (5 Pacific, 6 Mountain, 7 Central) and if you’re elsewhere in the world, you can figure out when that is in your time.  I believe that they also keep the transcript of  the chat on the website too if it’s at an inconvenient time for you to join us live.

Here’s the link to go to the chat room
If you are not a member of patternreview(free membership is fine) they will need to create an account first.
Once you’re a member, to log into the chat the password is: image

Don’t forget to enter the competition for the Carrisa Rose Shirt (of  your choice) entries close in 1 week!

Have you ever wondered about a style blogger’s personal style journey?  Sal from Already Pretty shares hers here.


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  • Dang it! I was out of town this weekend with out computer access. I'm a Pattern Review member and would have loved to have been in on this chat. Hope it went well!

  • Hi Imogen, thanks for the link to Sal's blog. Sal's journey was a reminder of my own years at high school and university – baggy and shapeless, trying to hide my body clothes.

    Do you have any tips on what basics I should be teaching my two young daughters about clothes, colour and shape to give them confidence in themselves without me sounding like it's the most important thing if their life and without them turning on any 'Princess like' behaviour?

    Cheers, Natalie

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