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You’ve all read posts where I go on about making sure your foundation garments fit and support right, so this weekend, I’m celebrating breasts in all their glory.
A very useful post by K.Line over at Already Pretty all about th elements of bras.

From Venusian Glow Can a full busted gal wear a bikini?

Then there are the 5 top mistakes when laundering bras.

From Bra Queen, the bra must haves every woman should own plus choosing the best sports bra for your breasts.

Bra Queen is also hosting a Bras, Boobs and Bubbles night for Dcupers and above in Melbourne, if you want to get professionally fitted and see some great styles find out more here.

And the Lane Bryant commercial that was controversially banned from American Idol (whilst the Victoria’s Secret ad was still played).  Is it because the model actually looks lush and attractive and is a ‘plus’ size?  Or is it because her boobs are real not silicone?

You decide is that ruder than this?


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  • This is the first time I've seen these commercials and don't care for either one. However, it's obvious to me that the first was banned b/c it implies that she's meeting her boyfriend for lunch for a quickie. Since American Idol is watched by many young children, I think this probably the main objection and agree with the decision.

  • plus size is beautiful! so much more beautiful than the models on victoria secret. how skinny they were! and how unlike the real woman!

  • I've stopped wearing bras a few months ago. Instead I wear tank-tops with a second layer at the top, so that nipples don't show through. Boy is it nice not to have a band around my torso! I'll still wear bras for special/formal occasions, but luckily in the casual environment where I work I can easily get away without them. And yes, I am a B, so there isn't much to support. I'm sure the shape is nicer when in a bra, but the comfort it well worth it.

    – tall & slim anon

  • What a nice on the spot example you chose, Imogen!

    So the responsible ones in the U.S. obviously think that showing an adult woman with natural curves (i.e. a full non-silicone bust) implying that she is very confident about her body and that she is going to have sex is disturbing to the young girls who watch American Idol.

    But showing very young models with bodies that could belong to a 12-years-old girl and obvious plastic surgery in the breast area that behave in the ad in a way that implies that they are ready to seduce you and constantly availible (for what? do they even know that themselves?) is fine with the teenage girl audience.

    Whoever took this decision is probably afraid of sexuality and woman but loves the girls of the Playboy Mansion…

  • Let me suggest something different…

    I think that we are used to seeing the Victoria's Secret-type models that don't look like real women and that we have become somewhat inured of them, not really thinking much about what we see. However, when we see a real woman, so full of life, so lush, so rarely seen on TV, so "in your face", well…it's hard not to notice! A real wake up and not easy to ignore the message!!! (Which to me, quickie with boyfriend or not, is the same in both commercials).

  • Hurray! More good info about bra's. I swear, there's enough info out there to write a dissertation and get a Ph.D. in Bra-ology. I love reading about bra's and hunting for the perfect ones. You look SO much better when it fits right!
    Still can't believe that Lane Bryant add was pulled. Those women are beautiful.

  • Thanks for referencing my post on Already Pretty, Imogen! And I can't wait to check out all of your links here…

  • In the second clip, if I hadn't known Victoria's Secret was a lingerie store, I would wonder whether they were advertising the girls or the underwear! Personally, I think brothels are worse than casual sex. Is this option the opposite anywhere?

  • Call me naive, but I don't think the first woman (gorgeous in every way) is necessarily going out for a quickie. Couldn't it just be lunch??

    That's beside the point of course. The 2nd ad is so much more overtly sexual. Subtle it ain't, and after seeing the "real thing" in the first ad, these chicks don't cut it.

  • I find the LB ad cheeky fun. For any of us fuller-busted women, once you find your bra, change it every 6 months to keep the uplifting look.

  • Perhaps the reason the Lane Bryant ad was banned is that it insults the average mom, who make up a large segment of the American Idol audience. The size of the model isn't the issue. The problem is the implication that moms wear ugly frumpy underwear and nobody wants to look like them. The network doesn't want people to change the channel because they got offended, so they cut the commercial.

    I agree with the others, though. The plus-size model is completely gorgeous!

  • I think the point is the LB is for selling bras to women and the second VS is titillating. And we all know boobs are for men. And you should come buy our bras because your man wants you to.

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