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Yesterday I spent some time on the phone to a journalist talking about our new Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her clothes and image.  Today, I’m in the newspaper, both Melbourne (Herald Sun) and Sydney (Daily Telegraph).

You can what I had to say about Julia Gillard’s Image here

Pic courtesy: Daily Telegraph


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  • Whhoo hooo!! Way to go Imogen – well done and well said… Maybe you might get a call from her office to go help her out – exciting! x

  • It's good that you are getting your name out there, Imogen, and I can see what you are saying with regards to size of tailoring detail and so on.

    But it just makes me so angry that society keeps feeling the need to have this minute examination of what women wear.

    Would it be OK if she did go out and buy three near-identical suits and 10 shirts, and wear them as a uniform as the male politicians do? Or would the newspapers start to pick that apart, too?

    But still, well done Imogen for helping us navigate the (irritating, inequitable, sexist) society we live in. The point about being distracting is well made. It just seems like there are a lot more ways for women to be distracting, and fewer options to get around the problem.

  • Go Imogen. And recognizing talent is my favorite exercise:). I am, however, also sorry that female politicians are judged on different criteria than male politicians.

  • Sorry, Imogen – I have to disagree about the clothing allowance! Yes, she could do with some style advice (and I hope you get the job!) but she already earns heaps and should be able to pay for it herself. There are plenty of roads/hospitals/mental health units could use the money.

  • Congratulations Imogen for the publicity you get! Your opinions are fine, but I don´t like her hairstyle , nor the makeup. Work on that field as well.

  • Ok, after the last comment I had to google up the income of the PM. As from 1/7/07 it was $330k. No where near enough!! How can we attract the best with so small amount for such a high position? Yes she does need an allowance and an image consultant. However, having said that, I think you (and perhaps all of us) are too harsh on her. Generally I think she looks pretty good. I quite like the coat….

  • Julia can pay for her own clothes like everyone else. Why do u want to dress her in such expensive outfits?

  • I'm off to read the article. But judging from the photo above, I'd say she could need some help from you…

  • Mrs Clinton got off the plane in Kabul in '09 in a floral embroidered coat and drew similar attention, though many people loved it.

    I don't think that the coat in the photo fits her well, but I applaud a woman for wearing an interesting fabric (looks like a muted ikat with a floral motif mixed in) instead of safe all the time. A comment not to wear black because it is "ageing" disappointed me. Would we say this about a man? Why are we so terrified of age?

  • You gave her great advice! She must now represent Australia and stand as an example to the world. One of the easiest ways to always make a good impression is by looking great!

  • Metscan, compared to what is has been, this hairstyle is way better!

    Vicki – it was prompted by comments that I've heard other people flinging about – I'd love to help her and make her image a non-issue.

    Anon – Anyone who leads a country is being scrutinsed daily by the media, and meeting other world leaders – you want her to look cheap and tacky? I'm after a quality look for her (and they did overstate the amounts I talked to them about).

    Duchesse – I'd say the same thing about a man and black. Interestingly men don't seem to wear as many black suits as women do so it's not an issue in the same way. Plus you know how the media works, they pick a few half sentences from 1 hour of interview for their story.

    Anyway – it's been an interesting day, the story was picked up by a number of other media outlets, and I was sledged on the 7pm Project as a blogger who had too much time on her hands (I so wish!).

  • Hi Imogen,

    What a hoot! I thoroughly enjoyed reading all conflicting comments form people on the article. don't people get upset about such things 🙂


  • Good for you – it may inequitable to scrutinise women more than men, but that is how it is – I think a female PM is interesting, and she's already made a huge impact, so her clothing needs to match her profile and as you said, to make the message come across. Men have it easy with their suits – some style advice might just help other high profile people in our communities to lift their game in terms of professionalism and appropriateness. However, I'm sure she can afford to pay for her own consultants.

  • Dear Imogen,

    Ever since I read "Colour Me Beautiful" by Carol Jackson (which is more about harmony and colour therapy than just fashion), I realized why people with red or auburn hair look so pale and drained most of the time. It is so simple, most of them insist on wearing Winter colours, i.e. black, white and cool stark colours, rather than their very flattering Autumn dusky colours.

    For instance, Julia Gillard would look fabulous in mustard – rust – oyster white (rather than stark white) – burnt orange – and NAVY (rather than black – the worst colour for Autumns). This is what people subconsciously tune into when they criticise what she wears.

    She would also shine in longer jackets in blue/purple – peach – most forest greens – terra cotta – and orange red (rather than blue red) – along with camel, gold, beige and mahogony brown for accessories. These harmonize beautifully with red hair and make Autumn people look bright, healthy and radiant. It also makes a workable wardrobe.

    I congratulate her on being our first female PM, who was always going to be heavily criticized in a hung parliament, due to those who missed out waiting very impatiently in the wings. I don't judge leaders by what they wear; I would just love to see everyone in the world looking radiant via their own unique colour therapy. It works. Try it.

    The artist Joseph Itten realized that Mother Nature uses these palettes. Nearly every native shrub in Australia is in the autumn range to blend with the environment (hence the Heritage paint colours). Likewise, every poppy is in the Spring colour palette. If She uses it, so can we, in order to look our loveliest. Perhaps someone could give Julia this information, so she too can feel great.

  • Judith – very true, I've always said if she were wearing the colours that flatter her people wouldn't notice her clothes so much (and then comment on them).

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