Introducing Inspired Wish Jewellery



One of my lovely clients has started making jewellery, and I wanted to introduce you to her online store.

In Jeanie’s own words:

Inspired Wish is a one women handcraft adventure.

Inspired Wish came about from friends and store assistants asking if I sell the jewellery that I make. When I stopped to think about that I realised I am very keen to learn all I can about jewellery making.

Her jewellery is available for sale online at  or you can read about her jewellery making journey on

I’m sure that she could custom make pieces for you in colours and styles of your choice – go on , go have a look!

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  • I am humbled, and thrilled. Thank you! ツ *happy dance*

    Before meeting you I felt dull, nowadays people ask me about the jewellery I’m wearing! What a turn around. You were the catalyst to my journey. By following your advice I added personality to my look by wearing accessories. Consequently leading to making my own. Forever grateful. Jeanie

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