Where the Vacuum Cleaner Salesman Went So Wrong


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You may ask what vacuum cleaner salesmen and image have to do with each other?  Well you’ll have to read it to find out.

So, after my brief hiatus, I’m thinking about new topics to cover – what would you like covered?  Leave me a comment with the title to a post and I’ll work my way through them!

Thanks too for all your kind thoughts and comments, I really appreciate them.  He is healing well and pretty much back to his usual wonderful self.

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  • So pleased your lovely boy is doing well….. And nice to see you back again.. Could you cover Capsule Wardrobes sometime? I would sooo love to reduce my wardrobe to basics and wear them ALL!

  • Good to hear that your little boy is recovering well. I was so worried. Would be great if you can cover travel clothes that are stylish, light weight, wash & wear, everything that you can find from 'travel' shops but not literally from these shops as the fashion is just style-less.

  • Hi Imogen, glad your boy is doing well. What is a Kirby salesman?
    On wardrobes; how to deal with wardrobe guilt- those (possibly expensive)pieces that are lovely in themselves, may have been lovely on me one time but now hang unworn and unloved. Please dont tell me it's out to the chartiy shop with them?!
    Also- how many is too much? I find I have so many different roles and they require different standards of dress…but sometimes I look at my wardrobe and feel I have too many clothes. BUT When I go through I can say 'yes- worn in last 12 months' to most of them.
    PS I check in daily- I love your blog; the prose, the kindness and common sense-ness 🙂

  • Happy to hear your little boy is recovering well, and you are back giving excellent advice on dressing! I would like to see wardrobe choices for each shape, in different age groups, especially the 45-55 age group.
    Thank you!

  • Yay, good news!

    I'd love to read about what a tall X shape with a long rise and a natural/relaxed style should wear, but that may be too narrow 😛 Anything related would be cool.

    I really like the idea of "uniforms" because it makes dressing so simple; I am looking to find 2 uniforms that I can use all the time. I think 2 would be enough variety, and still be very easy.

    – tall & slim anon

  • I'm glad your boy is better! All the best to him.

    All the ideas up to now are exactly what I would like to know – colors, capsule, age between 45 and 50….

    What do you think about boho style? I've been returning to variations of boho again and again – but now I fear I'm too old for it, although I still feel "that's ME". How can an ageing boho pull the style off without making herself ridiculous?

    I'm just not the elegant type… but still, I want to look good.

  • Hello, Imogen! I'm so pleased your son is on the mend. Fingers crossed and all prayers for the few weeks. I'd like to see ways to make neutrals more exciting but still classy *and* casual! I'm wearing more of them now, but don't want to look drab!

  • I've gone back and read your entries on eyeglasses. I haven't been happy with my selections lately, and I'd love a bit more information on what frame shapes for various face shapes work better. My most recent frames (no tint on the lenses) seem to amplify the bags under my eyes. I'd like to get another pair in a few months. Is there a good place that glasses (or at least frames) can be ordered on line?

  • I forgot my other question – why is it whenever they do a makeover on TV on in magazines, it seems that 99% of the time if someone is wearing glasses, after the makeover they aren't wearing them? Certainly they aren't giving them contacts?

  • Very heartening news about your little one's recovery.

    Grooming: what is right and what looks too "packaged"?

    Is body jewelry tacky? How much is too much?

    If one refuses to wear spandex foundation wear, what are wise choices?

  • Hi. I would love to see a post on casual style for the at-home mum. I tend to read blogs and get all enthused about the fashions but they are mostly not appropriate to my lifestyle. At the end of the day I'm still walking around in my jeans and runners, feeling as frumpy as ever.

  • Hello!
    I'm very glad your boy is better! news from pathology results?

    Could you speak about jewellery?
    (when and how wear necklaces?)

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