Review and Giveaway – Verily Dress


Australian label Verily sent me this dress to review, and to give one away to one of my lovely readers (rrp$145).

Here it is on a model who is a different shape from me.

Here is is on my H shape body.

What I love about it:

  • It arrived in a small post satchel, and it didn’t need any ironing when I opened it after having been scrunched up and handled by Australia post (and they’re not gentle on the post).  I’ve worn it all day and it has no creases.
  • It doesn’t have any actual waist detail, except for the ring tie, which makes it flattering for my H shape, but it will also flatter an X, 8, A and V shape.
  • The longer sleeves (and this dress comes in capped, mid and long sleeve lengths), cover upper arms.
  • The fabric is a great heavy weight  viscose/elastane jersey, so it hangs really well and has a nice feel, not flimsy.
  • It’s a good length on me, it hits just at my knees, not too long.
  • The sizing is true, Verily has an excellent sizing chart to work out your size.  I tend to be a bit between sizes because of my large bust, so I chose the size that fit the rest of my body ( my bust size really wants a size larger), and it fits me well.
I can see that this is going to be a great staple in my wardrobe for years to come.
So, now it’s your chance to win one – it comes in an Australian size 8 – 16 (which is around a US size 4 – 12 and a UK 10 – 18) – check out the sizing chart for measurements.  While you’re there, why not have a look at some of the other designs.  Colour choice is grape (as pictured on me) and black.
For your chance to win – leave a comment with why you deserve to win.  Comment gets you 1 entry, tweet this competition for an extra chance to win (let me know in the comments that you’ve tweeted).
Competition closes Friday 4 June.  Winner will be published Saturday 5 June 2010.

And a little about Verily

Verily is a new Australian fashion label aimed at women over 30, who posses this new thinking. Launched last year, Verily is very much a return to cottage industry fashion, using local manufacturers and Australian milled fabrics.

For designer, Leonie Macleod, the real reward comes in seeing women wearing her designs. “If I can make a dress that a woman can put on, stand back, and say „I feel great in this,‟ then I have succeeded.” Leonie also explains that “the name Verily comes from the expression „very Leonie,‟ which I often hear when I design something new.” Leonie was instantly drawn to the name as it means ‘truly, honestly, really,’ which are all qualities that Leonie strives to bring to her business. “My aim is to create clothing made with integrity, that real women love,” she has said


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  • Would love to own this dress – looks like it would be a wardrobe staple that would work for summer and winter – exactly what I need!

  • I would love to own a dress that is so well-made and flattering. I'm definitely in need of some basic dresses like this one.

  • I love pretty things, and I'm about to lose my job. I'd be silly not to add my name to your list of giveaway hopefuls.

  • I have wanted wrap dress for ages. This is a beautiful classic dress that would look great on my A-shape. The elbow length sleeves are my preferred length to cover my heavy arms. I am planning a purple and gray wardrobe for fall and love to support new designers.

  • I'd love to win this dress! I was clearing out my cupboard the other day and decided it was time to say goodbye to my beloved green wrap dress, it is saggy in the bum! This beautiful Verily dress would be a wonderful replacement. Thank you Imogen for pointing us toward such a wonderful Australian site. I'm often disheartened to be unable to enter the US-based giveaways (like Sal's recent Shabby Apple competition). This opportunity on your site has made my day!

  • Hi Imogen, if I got this dress I would finally have a dress I could wear places – I don't have a single dress in my wardrobe at the moment that flatters me and is suitable for a range of occasions.

  • In the last 3 years I've turned 30 and had two children – I'm really struggling to figure out how to dress my changed body to suit my changed lifestyle! I'm finding your blog such a help though, and this dress would fill a major gap in my wardrobe.

  • I would love to win. I've gained a bit of weight lately and my X shape is becoming more pronounced and problematic, making me unable to wear clothes not specifically-tailored to Xes. This wrap dress would be perfect.

    I'm also retweeting! @aibreanros

  • This dress looks great on you. It is just my style and would help me bring my prety back!
    Have a pretty day!

  • I read your blog to help me decide what type of clothing to sew for my X-shaped body. Coincidentally, when I checked out this post, I was searching for ideas for knit dresses to make.

    Verily is AMAZING! I went to their site and I now want one of everything!

  • Love the dress… so many different ways you could wear it for any occassion. I have a wedding to go to soon, so it would be perfect with heels and lots of jewellery.

  • I don't deserve to win – though it is my 40th birthday on June 5 🙂 Jut want to say that the dress looks great on you. The colour is particularly lovely, I.

  • What a lovely dress!! Why I "deserve" to win? Because I have 3 kids under 3 and when I DO get out, I need to look as fabulous as possible. And this dress would help all the parts of my body that need flattering (or hiding). I would also choose the grape!

  • I'm not entering the drawing but the dress is fabulous on you Imogen! You look positively curvy in that number!

  • I also have an H figure and to top it off I'm only 5'1" and have a busty figure 36 D. I'd love to have a dress that looks good on me but I've yet to find one. This maybe just the ticket!

  • Imogen, I would love to win this dress – it is gorgeous.
    I am a stay at home Mum to three children under four. The ironing board NEVER comes out, I need to move away from wearing shorts EVERY day and your blog last week taught me that I have an X shaped body and that wrap dresses are perfect on my shape.

  • I've been keeping an eye out for dresses, but haven't come across a wrap dress so far. This one is perfect for me, long sleeve length, great colour and flattering for my A shaped body! 🙂

    pranita319 at gmail dot com

  • I'd love this. I've been looking for a wrap dress for the longest time.

    I tweeted too!

  • P.S. I'm not entering this giveaway, and my previous comment was not an explanation why I deserved the dress… 🙂

  • I am training as an image consultant and am about to de-clutter and rebuild my wardrobe to make it work – and this dress would definitely be a brilliant add-on! Love the grape tone!

  • I'd love to win this because it'd definitely suit this X with a bit of a tummy. Plus I love wrap- and wrap-like dresses.
    ghainskom at yahoo dot com

  • 🙂 6 months preggo and desperately looking for pieces that show off my bump and are comfy at the same time… this wrap dress would be great to wear when i join back work after my baby arrives but the pre pregnancy body shape does not!

  • My body has changed from fat girl teen to award winning body builder… to regular girl …to now 6 months preggo big bump…. and looking forward to getting back to regular girl. H shape naturally… This dress would be perfect for the next transformation!

  • Oh my! A competition – love competitions! That's a gorgeous colour on you, Imogen, and it's one of my best colours, too! I have very few dresses and think this style would be very flattering on my booby V frame!!

  • i would love to win dress, not sure that I deserve it,but still would love it.

  • That's a great dress! My birthday is in less then 3 weeks and wearing such a beautiful dress would make me feel great, as I celebrate another year!

  • I used to have a black wrap dress that I LOVED, but eventually, I both outgrew it and wore it out, and now I haven't been able to find a replacement due to the sleeve issue. I'd love this one! It would fulfill my LBD need. 🙂
    bravocharliesierra @ gmail . com

  • Dress looks very much like the Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress (first introduced in '73 and still going strong). If one designs "clothing made with integrity" it might be considerate to cite the "inspiration" for the design. You look terrific in it!

  • Well, "deserve" is a tricky verb, I guess, but I'd love to own this dress. I think it would be flattering to my curves and still modest enough for my rather considerable chest. I like the idea of being able to encourage people toward new stores or designers in other parts of the world (I live in the US), especially those that seem to have a variety of body types in mind when choosing their designs. I don't own a wrap dress and I adore that purple color, so I think this is more "covet" than "deserve!" 🙂

  • I'm returning to college this fall, at age 48, and this would be a perfect back-to-school dress! In warm weather, I'd wear it with sandals, and in cold weather I'd wear it with knee boots and a cardigan. Nice.

  • You have completely changed how I dress, so I trust you when you say this dress is lovely. I have thought back to your post which FINALLY made me understood the difference between my body (an X) and a typical hourglass frame.

    I want the dress because this is the first time in my entire life I've been confident enough to wear dresses (I've lost 55 pounds over the last year and a half), but I'm still hesitant to buy them.

  • This dress is for me – I'm an A shape and this dress has a defined waist and upper body interest while gently draping over the largest part of my body – my hip area … also I'm an Aussie and that should count for something!!