Happy Mother’s Day


Today is Mother’s Day (not in the UK I know) but the USA and Australia it is, so I hope all you mothers out there have a lovely and indulgent day – with or without your kids.

What do you do to celebrate it?  My mother always dismissed mother’s day as ‘too commercial’ so we never really acknowledged it, which I feel is a shame (as a mother myself), as it’s one day of the year to really show you mum how much you appreciate her.

My kids are very excited about the presents they have made for me at kindy and school, and my gorgeous son emptied his money box so that he could buy me gifts a the mother’s day stall at school.

Yes I agree that Mother’s day is too commercial, so I love this post about what Sarah Wilson’s father does for his family and what he’s cooking her mum up for breakfast today.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mum.  I love you.

Pic – me with my kids – Niamh (the baby at the front) turns 5 next Friday.  Aston is now 8 and comes nearly up to my chin.


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