Weekend Reading: What I loved this week and lots more on colour


I’m in the local paper this week – a little article about social media and local businesses.  Pity they left off the naught on the number I gave them.  Oh well, at least they spelled my name right this time! (pic is from the paper).

Some posts I loved or have provoked thought this week:

From Une Femme – on weight and the media

From guest poster LPC over at Already Pretty on How to Make a Suit more Subversive – learn the art of ‘measured rebellion’ – love it!

Why you should take outfit photos – from Luinae at More Magic Always

And on my colour theme of the week:

From Poppy Buxom at The Beauty Boomer – Back out of Black – it’s not just me who gets to rant on this!

From Angie at You Look Fab – thoughts about how dark you should go with your lipstick – depending on your age.

From Penelope Trunk – The Brazen Careerist – thoughts about the intersection of colour and how to be more interesting.

From LPC at Privilege – shows her mother’s colour analysis from many years ago.

Why a Light colour will never come to life in a dark room from Maria at Colour Me Happy

And if you want to translate a colour scheme found in nature (or a magazine) how to do this – from Struggling to be Stylish

And have you ever thought about painting the front and back of your house different colours? KathySue at Good Life Design has.


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  • Deja vu on what Deja Pseu said. Thanks for the link–and for all the rest of the links. I'm glad to see there are so many of us color-crazed types out there!

  • Thanks for the link and your photo looks beauteous! Also so much fun to see all this color together. I'm moving towards color in my garden:).

  • Imogen, thank you so much for the mention on your blog. I feel very honored!! Have a wonderful weekend!! Kathysue

  • Once again, many thanks for the kind mention!
    I love the suggestions in the 'subversive suit' posting, and in fact, those are great ways to add a bit of punch to any outfit.
    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  • This post in "Color me happy", about why painting in white a dark room wont make it clearer… Amazing, Every body does that. Thanks for sharing it.

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