Weekend Reading: Twisted like Wendy B


There have been many posts around the blogsphere that I’ve recently read about ‘twisting’ up a style, particularly classic, with something very different, whether creative or dramatic, an article to give an outfit an edginess.

So even though I hate taking photos of myself, here I am in a fabulous vintage silk top (circa 1981) by Bell Book and Candle that I recently acquired from a consignment store (Yesterday’s Today in Canterbury) the woman who runs the store told me it had been there for a while, as she was looking for the right home for it (which turns out to be mine).

It’s such an outrageous top, I had to have it.  I was talking on the phone to my friend and colleage Karen (of a certain age) who said that I so had to post a picture, and we both commented that we thought this top would be right up Wendy B’s alley.

So here it is.

It’s a Picasso of course – who loved to twist!

So why not see how others are twisting up their wardrobes?

How do you add a tennis-ball green converse trainer to a classic outfit?  Check out Karen’s way

Did you see this shirt – way twisted – but Materfamilias manages to twist it down.

And I’m loving what Deja Pseu is doing with her new shoes – these are seriously twisted (and I’m in love).

Have you started to twist?

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