How to Make Boot Spring (that holds your boots up straight)


Do you have the problem where your knee-high boots bend over and don’t stand up straight in your cupboard?  I know you can buy commercial boot trees, but here is a fabulous and very inexpensive alternative.

Joan Crawford hated wire hangers (or that’s what I believe, according to the film Mommy Dearest).  I don’t love them either for hanging your clothes on, but one of the lovely image consultants I trained (Mary-Ann from Colour Essence) came up with this ingenious idea for a boot spring, made from a wire coathanger.

Here is a short video I’ve put together to show you how it’s made.



  • Jesslyn says:

    Smart!! Love hearing your accent!

  • LB says:

    Oooh, brilliant!

    I'd been stuffing mine with newspaper, but that's kind of awkward. This is far more elegant.

  • Shelley says:

    Great idea. I have tried laying boots down on a shelf, folding the tube from Christmas wrapping paper in half and hanging them from the clips on a skirt hanger. Shall try this with hangers and see how that goes.

  • Sue says:

    Clever idea!

  • Una says:

    An eternal problem – so easily solved! What a great idea.

    Right now I use empty wine bottles to keep my boots upright. If I buy new boots, I drink more wine. If I have too many wine bottles, I buy more boots. A win-win situation, oui?

  • Celtic Rose says:

    Finally – a use for those revolting wire hangers. I knew they had to be good for something. I took some from my husband's dry-cleaning and voila! Thanks for the terrific idea.

  • Audi says:

    This is a MUCH better use for wire coat hangers! Thanks for the tip!

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