How to Add Trend Colours (that don’t suit you) into Your Wardrobe



Karen asked me for advice on adding some lime into her wardrobe.  It’s not a colour that suits her colouring (in fact would make her look really ill if she wore a garment in it close to her face), but still, it’s a current trend colour that she wants to play with.

The best way to add in trend colours is to add them in as accessories.  That way they’re not washing you out or making you look ill, but can add a punch of excitement to your outfit.

A bag is a really easy way.

Jewellery can work too – because the colour is not in large quantities it won’t make you look sick.  A pendant or necklace will draw attention up to your face.  A bangle will draw attention to your hands (be warned, if you have luscious thighs bangles may draw attention to them unless you keep your arms bent all day).

If you have a lovely defined waist, why not belt it?

Or as Karen did, she bought a shoe in lime to twist up her jeans.

So in short, use is in a small way, as even a small amount will pack a punch.  And don’t put it on or near a body part you’d rather others didn’t notice.

What is your a colour that doesn’t suit you that you want to add into your wardrobe?  How do you wear it?


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  • Great advice! I am lucky I can actually lime green and I love it. I have worn it for years, not always easy to find until recently. Brown is a color that looks horrid on me so I limit it to shoes and purses. Kathysue

  • Rich royal purple was a big look in the N. Hemisphere this past winter. It looks dreadful on me, but I got some fantastic purple suede boots that added a trendy kick to my uniform of jeans and black or brown turtleneck sweaters.

  • Most of the colours that look bad on me (yellows, lime, earth tones etc are ones I don't like, so I have no desire to include them. But I do use pastels in this way — bags, shoes jewellery etc — to play off against the darker colours that suit me

  • I like colourful thights as well. With a skirt and boots or heels. I tone the rest of the outfit e.g. all black with red thights, and then maybe red earring or handbag.

  • After Duchesse's post about turquoise, I started hankering after some (not on trend maybe, and not until spring), so now you've given me some ways to wear it! Thanks.

  • Ah, lime is in! I've been looking for something in medium-dark lime, without even realizing it's a trend … and I thought I was oblivious to trends 😛

    – tall & slim anon

  • I did this last spring with yellow, which I can't wear. Something I kept in mind was that since this wasn't in my usual preferred but rather reflected a passing trend, I wanted to keep to a reasonable budget for these items. The coloured Converse are a great idea, because they can be worn enough that by the time the trend's over, so are the shoes!
    Thanks again for the mention the other day — your enormous influence is obvious in the way my stats spiked.

  • I try to avoid trend colors. Trends come and go. If I bought a trend color bag or shoes, I just could not settle for cheap ones. For me, safest is, to stay around my own colors. Sometimes one of them might be the one in trend. Well, I´ll have to think about that one..

  • Beige or nude around my face is usually not good for me. But I am strawberry blond and one of my favorite colour combination is red with nude or beige ( Also: Yellow with nude or beige).( NO white, NO black, NO silver in this outfit!). So I keep the beige for sandals, bag, hair accessory, scarf but then in a sensual texture. I notices that a piece of a colour that suits me less has to be of good quality or sensual or rich texture. So beige is ok for me when in velvet, wool, silk, leather, suede…

  • Red. I'd love to jazz something up with red. Trouble is, since 90% of my closet is some shade of grey, I'd likely look like an African Grey Parrot.

  • I do love a little lime twist with a neutral. It is such a gorgeous colour. I love it especially with white linen. It makes me think of Gin and tonic with a twist. Is that wrong?;-)

  • Funny, I just picked up a lime colored handbag on my way back from Massachusetts today. Even though I was head over heels in love with the color, I tried holding all the lime bags to see which one was the most flattering shape & size. (See? I *am* paying attention!) I actually had two women — not store employees! — comment on how much they liked the look for me.

    I also found a pair of golden yellow shoes ( that I *did* buy on a whim (although I made sure they were low-vamp, of course!). I need to go through my closet and see what they go with. I was thinking they should look good with brown pants and skirts, and maybe green…?

    I'll have to figure out how to upload photos on Polyvore so I can show you some looks I put together with them.

  • Imogen, if the trend color is clear and my natural coloring is soft, is it OK to combine clear and soft colors in one garment? The same applies to black – it is cool and clear, so if worn with soft colors it breaks the overall harmony or does everything depend on the ratio between different colors in one garment?


    • Olga – you are right that black and a softer colour don’t work as well as say a dark grey and a softer colour. Same as any other neutral – if you have softer colouring, look for neutrals that have some of the same colour properties.

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