Tricky Trend – Over the Knee and Thigh High Boots


Yesterday I posted on trends for 2010, one of these is the new over the knee boot, and thigh high boot.

Pic: Thigh high boot by Christian Louboutin from Bluefly

As you can see the boot that goes up mid-thigh is going to need a much shorter skirt, or pair of shorts to wear with them, you could possibly wear them over a skinny jean.  As they are a more extreme fashion they will suit the younger wearer, so as not to look too fashion victim.  You may find it hard to walk and sit down as the knee is quite constricted by the leather.

Over the knee boot by Giuseppe Zanotti from Shop Savannahs

If you want to try this trend, go for a pair that hits just over the knee, like the ones above, these won’t restrict your knees as much as the thigh high, are on-trend, but not as extreme.  I can easily see these worn with a dress or skirt that stops just above the knee, or alternatively with a skinny jean (check out Donna and again) without looking MDAL.  They can also be folded down to just below the knee if that’s your preference.

The benefits of a knee-high or longer boot – they make your legs look longer, and can disguise the size of your calves (if they bother you).


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  • Darn, I totally bought the wrong boots this year, they are too short and I'm annoyed. Maybe next year I'll get the boot situation right!! Love these boots you've shown!

  • I love them, Imogen, but as I'm not very tall, I fear I would look like Puss in Boots!!! What do you think? Ciao. A.

  • For me the combination of high heels with super high boots is too much. The over the knee pair is so beautifull! It could have some heel too. Love it! I find it ok to wear these with a not so short skirt. When you sit,the end of the boots becomes more apparent. For myself, I wont spent the big amount of money these boots cost but I have a trick: With a pair of black suede boots, I wear a over the knee black streched velvet sock ( I sewed it), over lace hose. It makes my bootlook longer! And the combination of same colour and different textures looks nice too. I made the same with a pair of brown suede boots.

  • Ooh, I like the sound of the sock too. I was looking at Myers mag – Empourium and they had similar type examples – I think they were tights but had a seam above the kneee.
    I don't think I will be buying boots this year (I have black ones and brown ones) unless I find a nice olive/fir green suede ones!

  • LunaRossa, that Puss in Boots comment made me laugh out loud. I am a boot victim. I adore boots, except for ankle boots and Uggs (and their ilk). Much as I love the look of thigh boots (which were the big thing last year in NA), I don't think I could make them work for me without looking like I am trying a little too hard to look "in." Also, I don't think there is any real "look" to them that can't be achieved with skinny jeans or leggings/treggings.

  • I've been suprised to find myself liking this trend. The best example I can think of is Kasmira and her brown boots, they look great.

    Of course I haven't even tried a pair on, so I have no idea whether or not they would look ridiculous on me.

    There's a grey faux-suede pair of flat boots I've been eyeing in the window of an Acland st store….maybe I should try them on to see if this trend is worth becoming obsessed over or not 🙂

  • I want these! Thanks for the fashion tip, I have bigger calves so I’m gonna try and see if I can get some in the plus size boots option 😉

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