Weekend Reading – Organising


Who doesn’t love a storage solution?  I know I do, but beware, take heed of Angela from Creating Order from Chaos, she has some great advice on how and when to choose your storage solutions.

Have you a pile of jobs, projects and other tasks that are half done?  Creative Organizing has a great post on When is It OK to Quit, to help you decide if enough is enough.

Some ideas on taking control of your inbox from Life Hacker so it doesn’t overwhelm you (mine does – I’m going to see if I can get a handle on this with some of these tips.

And of course, some ideas on organising all that paper that comes into our lives, from Peace of Mind Organizing

And I’d like to introduce you to my friend Nicole who has a blog called Planning with Kids – she has 5 kids so knows how to plan to get the up, fed and out the door.  Whether you want a menu planner, or ideas on crafts and activities for kids, check it out.


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  • Thanks for the link Imogen! I can really relate to Angela's post about storage solutions. I am always on the look out for the "perfect" solution, when I probably just need to work with what I have.

  • I have another blog in getting r e a l l y organized. It is a Swedish blog, called Chez Larsson(s). This lady has just about organized everyting possible or impossible. She has even organized our comments!

  • Thanks for the links Imogen, I'm going to read the one about organising paperwork first because I have stacks of the stuff that needs sorting asap. I just can't seem to sort it out and I make piles of it around the house.

  • Ooh, I'm going to be reading these! I think I probably am pretty well organised, but like a moth to a flame, I can't resist more tips and tricks!

  • Every weekend I tell myself that I'm going to organize my closets or my drawers but then end up doing something else…
    Thanks for the links, maybe this weekend I will actually get organized!

  • Thanks for writing this post and the links. My closet is a mess and every weekend I have been meaning to get it organize and because… so never get started. This is really helpful!

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