Weekend Reading – Researching, Revamping, Revealing


Researching: I’ve read a couple of times about Evernote.com  and what a great way it is to keep information close to your fingertips, so I’ve started playing with it.  Whether you want to import information from your computer, or clip information you find on the internet it’s a great, searchable database for all the bits and pieces you want to keep tabs on.  You can also use it from your iphone or blackberry, storing everything in a single place.

Revamping:  I was surfing around the internet, and something that I’m always interested in is revamping clothes, and I came across this great post by Claire Kennedy about nipping in waistlines on jackets/clothes that I thought was worth sharing.   Also on this theme Robin from a Little Sewing shows how a small dart made a world of difference to her top.

Revealing: The search for great skin care products is fraught with too much choice, and not enough knowledge – way too much hype and advertising that tries to sway us to the next miracle ingredient.    So cutting through that hype, checking out the actual research, here is a great and useful list of great ingredients you want to look for in skin care products, and also lists of great products on the market at all price points, from Paula Begoun.


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