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Yesterday, my kids and I took a road trip back to Melbourne from Canberra, where we’ve been for the past week visiting friends and familly.

Around the halfway point in the 8 hour journey is a town called Holbrook, which, even though being an inland town, has a submarine submerged in the middle of a park, which you can climb on.

My kids love to stop there, and each time we make the long drive, they ask if we can stop there, so of course we do!

This weekend the kids are going camping with their father and some friends (and their kids), which they’re very excited about.  I will have a weekend without them.  While on my own I want to go to the National Gallery of Victoria to see the Drape exhibition (pictured: Comme des Garcons), not something I think my kids would want me to drag them to, but an exhibition I’m excited to see.

While I was in Canberra I went to see the exhibition from the Musee d’Orsay that is currently showing at the National Gallery of Australia – Masterpieces from Paris – which I did take the kids to, and they had an excellent children’s activities room there to help keep them occupied.  If you’re up that way, I’d suggest taking yourself along.

So during the quiet time, I’m going to spend a bit of time working on my blog as well as continuing to write my next ebook – currently titled Pint Size Perfection: Petite Style  – any petites out there please send me your questions so that I can make sure I cover what you want to know.

One of the most useful blog references I’ve come across is from Problogger – Darren Rowse, who has written an ebook – 31 Days to Building a Better Blog – it’s got heaps of practical, easy to implement advice to help you improve your blog.  The cost is $19.95 if it’s something you’re interested in Click here to view more details he currently has 3 extras he’s giving away to anyone who purchases a copy.   He includes so much practical advice on his blog – such as 7 Questions to Ask on Your Blog to Get More Reader Engagement.

From David Risley at Blogmastersclub a free 49 page PDF on Six Figure Blogger Blueprint if you want to learn about monetizing your blog.

Social media (blogging, facebook, twitter etc) is something I’m attempting to get my head around, and as a business owner, trying to figure out the best, most time efficient way to use social media tools to help build my business.  I’ve discovered Making it Social – a blog about using social media – and if you’re like me, this simple set of blog posts with instructions will help you understand the how and why of using social media avenues and how to create a social media plan.     The author Nathan has also written an ebook called Beyond Blogging, ($9.95) which shows you how to use the skills you’ve acquired blogging in other ways.  Click here to view more details

Another blogging resource is  10 Great Blog Traffic Tips – check this post out.


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  • Hi Imogen, regarding your petites ebook, I think there is plenty of info about dressing the petite, but I usually find many of the solutions are helpful only to the petite with the perfect figure. Rarely have I seen secondary issues addressed – in my case this is short legs (well, short legs and fat calves!)In the past this has meant covering up with long skirts & pants but I like all clothes and don't like to be limited too much. Wedges have been my saviour this summer, particularly for casual dressing – at long last I can wear a knee-length dress/skirt with a casual shoe that lengthens the leg, without looking overdressed (but it took me about 20 years to figure this one out! And I don't know how long wedges will be around for so I'm desperately trying to stock up. And failing!)Anyway, it's these sorts of double-problems I would be interested in. Thankyou

  • Thank you. I need to get better, but it all just eats up my time and I don't know if the "return" is worth all this scrambling around. It's like trying to learn a whole new skill set for the new job I just got, that I had to get a whole new skill set for! Make sense?

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