Weekend Reading – Beauty Myths and Facts


How many of us are sucked in by the advertising for beauty products – the latest cream that says that 87% of people saw less lines and wrinkles?  I know I desperately want to believe, but also am aware, when reading the fine print that that’s only the perception of a study of 20 people.  Find out what those statistics really mean

Is Imedeen worth the price?   Rosina from Middle Ageless tells us her experience.

Are creams better than botox?  Are eye creams worth the money?  How do you figure out your skin type?  Watch a short videos from Paula Begoun.

So what made me happy this week?

I got to put up the Christmas tree and decorate with the kids.  Growing up, my family didn’t really do Christmas, it was all too commercial (in the eyes of my parents), and they didn’t get my wish for a Christmas tree (and no a stick of some plant from the garden is just not the same).  So now, I get to have all the fun decorating trees with my kids that I missed out on growing up.  Seeing the joy and excitement on my kids faces when we haul out the Christmas decoration boxes, hearing them excitedly discover the advent calendar on 1 December, these are moments that made me very happy this week.

Also, I’ve been madly working all week on my new colour system, second print run from the printer, some improvement in colours and finish have had me spending morning noon and night putting together the colour system.  If anyone has ever seen the book The Secret Language of Birthdays (reissue), you’ll know that each day has a meaning, and mine happens to be The Day of Substantive Form, which I never really got when I read about my birthday day the first time. I have come to realise that it is so true about me, I need to create things, turn ideas into something that you can touch and feel (substantive), so spending a week working on a colour system, seeing my ideas turn into something I can give to my clients, even though exhausting, is so fulfilling for me.

Oh and as an aside, something bizarre happened this week.  I was watching TV and had a glass of water (which I’d finished) sitting on the coffee table next to me, in front of the TV.  A man came on the TV, started singing a song, and then pop, my glass broke – have a look!    So was it because of the singing?  Why did it break in a perfect circle?  Anyone?


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  • That glass is whack! Man that is so strange. And N is just beautiful. Isn't it wonderful, to be an adult, and have the chance to rewrite the way things are done?

  • Some of my happiest memories are of the Christmas's that I had with my children when they were young. I wouldn't trade them for anything. I'm happy for you that you are enjoying Christmas with your family.
    And no, a branch from the garden is not a Christmas tree.

  • What a fascinating post! Thanks for the mention there as well. The glass episode was really strange. We are just about to put up our tree. Season's Greetings from our family to yours!

  • Your glass breaking and the singer: unrelated. It might have broken where the rim and body of glass were fused.

    The glow from a happy life will do far more for our skin than any cream. Wear sunscreen!

  • Wow! I´m going to have to take Botox . I have had it twice before, but last time was nearly a year ago. I will however recommend 2 products, that are really good. For skin, day&night Helena Rubinstein:Prodigy extreme. For eye creme+lips:Helena Rubinstein: Prodigy extreme,eye and lip. This stuff is quite expensive, I use them maybe too much, but one jar lasts about 1 1/2 months. I recommend!

  • I think that the glass and the singing might really be connected. If there was some minor imperfection in the glas, which let to higher tension, then singing with the right resonance frequency could have resulted in this weird broken glass.
    Think of soldiers marching over a bridge in lockstep and causing the bridge to collaps. I have seen an opera singer on TV breaking glass with the power of her voice (but not in such a perfect circle).

    So yes, I think the glass and the singing are connected.

    Hope I got this right – first time explaining physics in English 😉

    Johanna from Germany

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