Dressing Takes 287 days of Your Life


Reading the paper on the weekend I came across a mention of a study done by UK retailer Matalan, I haven’t yet found the actual study results online, but here is the news report:

WOMEN spend almost a year of their lives deciding what to wear, a new study has found.

Choosing outfits for work, nights out, dinner parties, holidays and other activities means the average female will spend 287 days rifling through their wardrobe.

UK clothes retailer Matalan compiled the results after polling almost 2500 women.

The study, based on the adult years from 16-60, found most women spend around 20 minutes deciding what to wear before hitting the town on a weekend night.

Weeknights out can take up to 20 minutes a time too. Deciding on what clothes to take on holiday uses up to 52 minutes each time.

While on holiday, 10 minutes a morning will be taken up trying to find an acceptable outfit, with another 10 minutes spent picking evening clothes.

Dinner parties, Christmas parties and black tie events take up about 36 minutes a time, six times a year – adding up to 3 1/2 days.

The study also found on average women will try on two outfits each morning before coming to a final decision.

And one in two women spend 15 minutes the night before work, deciding what to wear.

How long does it take you to get dressed each day?  Do you think it takes you more or less time than this study?   
I know that when I have to dress for Image Consultant meetings, I certainly take that kind of time, but the rest of the time I probably spend 5 minutes.   The aim of what I do with my clients is to help them take away that stress and indecision.  Have a wardrobe that works so it doesn’t take 15 minutes a day to decide what to wear.


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  • This is fascinating! I really can't say – in general I think about it for a couple of minutes before I go to bed (I think) and then I factor in weather and how I feel the next day into the equation. Weather is incredibly challenging to work with. Ironically, this might make it easier, as 3 months of the year I wear pretty much the same thing in different colours. All of it fairly casual (but smart).

    Occasionally, I have one of those days when nothing works and I debate for maybe 15 minutes. I just don't have a) that many clothes suitable for b) any particular occasion given c) the whims of weather.

    But I'm going to pay more attention.

  • Because I'm a high school student, I like to pick out my outfit the night before. It usually takes me about 5-10 minutes, because I actually have a section on Evernote where I take clips of outfits I like on others and write how I could recreate them with my wardrobe. So I just browse until I find one I like and then get out the clothes I need for tomorrow.

  • I do the same as K.Line most of the time—try to decide the night before. Sometimes though, I just decide when I get up. Those days I tend to wear jeans and take 5 mins or less to decide what to wear. I guess it just depends.

  • Is that all? I can easily try on 10 or more outfits in the morning before deciding on what to wear to work. Because I have gained so much weight…thanks to blogging instead of exercising…getting dressed every day is a chore…and I probably have 28 linear feet of clothes hanging up. So many clothes so few choices.

  • My time varies depending on whether my basics (black jersey dress,olive tee, and brown sweater) are in the wash. My biggest problem is silk scarves (worn as headbands or belts usually). I often have to hold up five or six possiblilities!

  • This can not be true! I practically won´t spend time at all deciding what to wear when and where. I know by heart what I have in my closet. All the time it takes, is the time when I´m actually putting the clothes on. Well, maybe when I am shopping, I take into consideration where and into what event I´m buying my stuff.

  • The research is flawed, because it doesn't ask "Are you ONLY thinking bout what to wear?"

    I plan what to wear while showering, cooking or driving. For trips, I make a list and go over it many times before packing- but make the list while watching a movie.

  • Wow, that's a tonne of time! I don't think I take that long and I certainly don't try on 2 outfits each morning, although there are days, I admit, when I wish I could go home and try again! Mostly, I think about what to wear either in the shower or the night before.

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