Weekend Reading – Scarves, Eyebrows and more


An oft asked question is how to wear a scarf – Sal has put up a selection of ways.

Duchesse wrote an interesting post on the difference between pride and vanity and the place of vanity in our lives.

Rebecca showed in her fashion lab how easy it is to give a pair of jeans a new lease of life with a bottle of dye.  Something I urge my clients to do is dye clothing that doesn’t suit – so easy if it’s a natural fibre.

Maria talks about colour undertones in relation to bathroom or kitchen tiles – how to choose the right one for your colour scheme.

The Bra Queen has an excellent how to post on getting the most flattering eyebrow shape

And on my Happiness Project this week, I read about a theory that says that thinking about what didn’t happen can often make you happier than thinking back to what has made you happy – for example, if I hadn’t met and married my husband I wouldn’t have my two wonderful children.  Sure marriage is hard, but how different my life would be without it.

What has made you happy this week?



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  • Other than it's Friday? well, I got the Freya Tamsin bra and panties yesterday in the mail and it fit perfectly and I love them!

  • K.Line – so great they fit well!

    Katherine – I find a full range of dyes at haberdashery stores (fabric) and sometimes craft stores.

  • Very happy for you K.Line! I like Tamsin. My next mission is to find a great Multiway plunge. So far very little 🙁
    How fab are Megan Fox's eyebrows!

  • My husband made me happy by surprising me and taking Friday off and getting me out of the house! I sprained my foot quite badly last week and it has been beyond difficult taking care of a toddler and twin babies without really being able to walk. He knew I was at my wits end and made everything all better.

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