Weekend Reading – happiness, cancer prevention and breasts in public



From newspaper columnist and former women’s mag editor a great post on breasts in public

From a new Australian study that shows that potentially the mineral Selenium can cut the risk of bowel cancer – eat 4 brazil nuts a day (interestingly I remember years ago – we’re talking 1998  looking after Dr Andrew Weil on a book publicity tour when I worked at Penguin and he was very keen on us all eating brazil nuts for the selenium!

And if you want more energy in the next 10 minutes – here are 9 tips!

What made me happy this week?  Yesterday I ran a training day for a few of the image consultants I’ve trained using the new Absolute Colour System I’ve been developing for the past 6 months – and what really made me happy was that this new system has some new groups that didn’t exist in other colour systems I’ve used, and of the 10 people we draped, it turned out that 5 of them fit into two of the new groups – and they all loved their new colours.  All that hard work and effort is bringing the results I’d hoped for.

What made you happy this week? 

And if you are curious about what others are doing to find more happiness – check out this list.


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  • What made me happy this week? I got my own copy of "The Triumph of Personal Style" and I love it! I feel like I'm finally getting down to the real foundations of looking good and learning my own style.

    And to ice the cake, my grown daughter is visiting this weekend, and we're going through the book together. Fun, fun, fun!

    Thanks for introducing the book to your readers!

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